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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

Bila kawan dari Beijing datang Malaysia... (Part 3)

I hereby promise myself that this is my last entry. HAHAHA. 

This is the last entry lah for my friend yang datang dari Beijing ni. Lain, belum lagi okay. Haha

So, let's continue the final of me with my Cc. My Cc okay, not yours. Hahaha. The last day was sumpah a tiring day for me. I barely can walk. No. Yes. I have no idea. Hahaha. 

The last day started with having our breakfast where to be found. Hahaha. I woke up at 10am (because I was deadly tired the night before. Mana tak nya. Jalan satu KL dalam masa sehari kan) . So, esoknya qada' tidur. Qada' means I replace back my sleeping time that morning. Replace? Is that even a correct word? hahaha. So, we had our breakfast at somewhere nearby her hotel. Which was at Cyberjaya, Mamak Restaurant. Which I forgot the kedai name. Because main terjah je sebab dah lapar hahaha. I introduced her to races, customs and traditional or malaysian breakfast must have that morning. Kita kan satu malaysia? (kenyit mata sikit nah 😉) 

I have ordered myself roti kosong and roti bawang ( I know I ate two. So what? Hahaha) And she was sooooo excited about the nasi campur dekat kedai mamak ni. Hampir semua dia nak tuang dalam pinggan dia. hahaha

Tadaaa! This was what she ate that morning and a hot milk tea.

And that's me and my roti HAHAHA.

So, next stop? I did tell you guys that she wanted so bad to go to the beach right? But, since we are in the city area, where on earth should I bring her to see the sea lah kan? So, I've decided to bring her to Sepang tu. The Gold Coast Sepang yang famous (but I couldn't bring her inside the hotel lah ofc which that time was not my paycheck time hahaha). It took us around 1 hour and 30 minutes from Cyberjaya to Sepang. 

Selfie satu kali hahaha
(Muka unverified tour guide hahaha)

I guess I didn't tell you guys yet that we went there at 12pm tahu! Panas terik macam apa lah. Nak tan kulit sangat dia ni. Well, I'm originally so-called 'tan' okay. hahaha. We reached there around 12.30pm. And of course, there was no sea! Sebab air tak pasang time tu kan. And she was so disappointed. Hahaha kesian dia. 

Betapa kering kontangnya di situ haha

Nah ada satu video, cuba klik SINI

Okay, we didn't really have that pusing-pusing macam princess moments that time because we were rushing to attend my friend's daughter wedding. Which I eagerly wanted to show her how Malay wedding is. 

From Sepang we went to Shah Alam, sharp at 2pm. But, we kinda got lost afterward and we reached the venue around 4pm. I promised her the time she reached here that I will show her how Malay Traditional things is. But, unfortunately. The luck was not on our side that day (which I prefer not to tell sebab kalau cerita kena buat satu lagi entry hahaha) 

And she was really excited about the wedding! I lent her my baju kurung (which I later gave her as a gift) so below are the proof that I managed brought her to the wedding even the fact was that I was 20 minutes to the end of the ceremony. Hahaha. Sorry Cc. 

Terus flawless gitu gambar sebab guna camera dia. Hahaha

Bagi satu gambar sikit dengan mak pengantin 
(my Kursus Penterjemahan Classmate - Lovely Lady in pink , Kak Ros)

We then started to make our moves around 5.30pm and it was raining heavily. I promised her to bring her to see Masjid Besi Putrajaya and which we went afterward.  So, due to the heavy rained. We reached Putrajaya around 6.40p.m. 

She was so excited about the black headscarf (tudung) that she bought previously and decided to wear it proudly the time she's about to enter the mosque.

'Where's my headscarf? I don't need that long dress (cloak-Jubah) that other people wear right? I have this beautiful dress you gave me and my headscarf'
Yes, Cc. You are indeed correct. 

Uish. Ayunya Cc kan. Bergetar tak tulung rusuk kiri cik abang semua? 😉
*P/s : I have to bring my other tourguide sebab tadi dah sesat dekat Shah Alam. Hahaha

'The President is there?'
No Cc. He is not. That is just his office. He doesn't live there - I explained. Hahaha

I then went for a Maghrib prayer but before that, I brought her to have the must-have cake in Malaysia, Secret Recipe lah of course. Hahaha. She fell in love immediately as she saw the Chocolate Indulgence cake (without trying it yet) hahaha
Well, She had that New York Cheesecake actually. 

And I did not order that chocolate indulgence for me okay! 
- I lied to myself every time. Hahaha

Lepas kenyang, gambar satu please 📷

And that's how the story ends....

Basically yes. That's how we ended our last day at here. Not ours, its hers! Hahaha. The time I sent her back to her hostel, she hugged me with a teary eyes. 

'I never think that I can trust and have a good friend like you. To take the risk meet you and ask you to show me around these few days, I will never forget. Make sure to visit Guilin & China come and find me okay! I will be your personal tour guide!' 

*Lap air mata sikit sebab cerita dah nak habis*

The next day, she continued her last moments in Malaysia by staying at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Regilia Residence (because she want to throw herself into the pool. Panas katanya Malaysia ni haha)

The last time I talked to her was the time she checked-out from her hotel which unfortunately I couldn't accompany her because I was working that time.


Surat terbuka untuk Cc. (terbuka sangat haha)

Dear Cc, 
It was a great and an unforgettable moments that I ever had in my life after meeting you. I have learned a lot from you from the first day you step your foot here and from the first time we met. I never thought that you were so serious to come here and meet me. It was really indeed a great experience for me. Thank you for everything and let's keep in touch! 


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