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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

Because your dad was my classmate P2

Dear diary, 
So, this entry was made and dedicated for my daughter/son nanti (insyaAllah) 
and to those who have been asking how did I meet my husband😝


Eh, suddenly I saw ramai yang angkat tangan lepas entry sebelum ni πŸ‘€πŸ™ˆ


Haha. Perasan sekejap. Maafkan saya. 
Anyway, let's continue the story,

Of how my classmate is my husband now.


After your dad brought over cikedess (however it's spelled lah kan) tu, your dad being your dad which everyone knows him dengan makanan. He literally come to the class for the sake of foods (that's what I thought so back then whenever I saw him coming to class) . How can he not? Whenever he entered the class, he will be like ;

'Hari ni makan apa?'
'Ada nasi arab tak?'
'Ada shepherd pie tak?'
'Sedapnya sedapnya sedapnya 😍😍😍'

Until at one time, I whispered to myself kan baby, 

'Laki ni dah kenapa? Tak makan ke dekat rumah? Datang class kebulur je memanjang'

Well, actually, your dad is really a talkative type of person. To everyone. Literally. Even to the people that he just met. Unlike me, I do rather look back on my niat lah kan. I came to the class to get the cert and since everyone seems too successful than me, I don't pretty much talk to people (because I have no confidence haha) Duh, I'm only 22. The youngest in that class. Everyone came there was like for their retirement planning you know? And your mum baby? I came because my dad asked to do so. Hahaha. Heartless. Social-less betul. 

After the pot luck session over, which I remembered clearly how everything started. I took the foods to my place and not mixing with the others in the pantry room (which where your father always been). So, the class was over and some of us have left and I was waiting for the guys inside the pantry room to come out (because I don't like to be in a pack room which most of them are guys). When suddenly...your dad came out and he stood in front of me while facing one of our classmates that I called as 'pakcik' because he looks like at my dad age (HAHA) and your dad was like: 

'Nanti dia ni nak buat puding kelapa minggu depan tuan syed (pakcik's name) *while facing me*'

When at that moment I was focusing on the pantry room when will I able to enter it without guys in it and I was shocked to hear this stranger (whom to be my husband now). I was like...

'Kau siapaaaaa? When did we ever talk before?'
'How can you just said that?'
'Like seriously, do I even know you dude?'
- I whispered to myself with a shocking eyes

Well, I did mentioned from the previous entry that I'm not that 'social' and I don't even remember the girl name who sat beside me at that time! How could I even notice that this guy even exist in my class? Right? So, I replied...

'Eh eh eh. Siapa nak buat? Siapa? Pandai-pandai je'
And he went on with...
'Bukan ada cakap ke tadi nak buat?'
Like seriously, 
I swear to myself at that time I did not talk to anyone and was only focused on my foods and the pantry. 
Kau siapaaaa??? 😒😒😒

The conversation stops at there as I was with, 

'malas nak layan kau' mood thingy

and I went to the pantry and washed my plate. I did not even bothered on to know who the guy was after I reached home. Well, I only went to the class to get the cert, remember? Later that night I received a message from an unknown number (which FYI, I don't save people number easily even if we are in a group chat. Please do ask my classmates and friends to verify this HAHA). The message goes like this, 

Replied gelak, tapi dalam hati sebenarnya...
HA HA HA. Who on earth are you?


So, yeah. I did the jelly kelapa when I could have just said no to him. But, why did I willingly to made one? Well, one of the reasons was, I remembered vividly that the time he said in class was in front of PAKCIK! Someone has heard and knew that the next following week there will be jelly kelapa. And second was, it's coconut jelly! COME ON! Tak kan tak boleh buat kan? HAHAHA. Well, here's a fact about me, I love food so much and I can cook (not that 5-Star Hotel punya rasa lah for sure) but I DON'T DO DESSERTS

Why? I remembered back then when I was in my high school, where I took ERT (Ekonomi Rumah Tangga) for my KH (Kemahiran Hidup) and the teacher asked us to prepare a complete food serving. I prepared an Arab wrap like Shawarma and a dessert of Jelly. The shawarma turned out very well until the teacher insists to bought it from me which I sold 1 piece for RM3 (HA HA HA). But, the jelly was my nightmare! I didn't know back then that a food coloring should be used for a drop or two. And guess how much did I put in that time? I put in for like a cap of each coloring! Yes! COLOURINGS. TWO COLOURS! And the jelly turned out to be in a dustbin! HAHAHA. 

Ya rabbi. Sedapnya. This was not the one that I did ya.
(Image credit to google. Hahaha)

So, that was the reason why jelly is my nightmare. And after I said yes to this stranger, I googled on YouTube. (I give the permission for you to laugh at me because I googled this beforehand.) I mean duh, tak kan anak dara tak boleh buat jelly kelapa kan? So, gigih lah belajar dari youtube and I asked my mom too. So, that was my first time to make a coconut jelly ever in my life (though I know ramai anak dara lain at my age dah tahu masak macam macam and desserts are just a piece of cake to them) Well, so what? I'm learning apa! Hahaha. So, how did the coconut jelly turned out to be? 

The taste was a bit emm, 
less sugar you could say. Hahaha

So, that's how we actually started to have a conversation. Yes. From the coconut jelly to engagement, marriage and maybe soon having a baby in the future? Now, should we even name our baby after this coconut jelly? 😨

*P/s : We got engaged exactly a month after. Yes, I agreed to get engaged with someone I barely knew and barely talk with! Coincidence? Fate? And yes, I did not fall for him on the first sight, and I did not even believe in him even when he came for the engagement day. How can you even said yes to a guy that you don't even know much and not even fall for? *angkat kening sebelah*
There's always a reason on why and how did I said yes. Want to know more? 😳

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