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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

Because your dad was my classmate

Dear diary, 
So, this entry was made and dedicated for my daughter/son nanti (insyaAllah) 
and to those who have been asking how did I meet my husband😝

This is a story about a girl name Lucky.


Hahaha. Britney sangat

I'm officially a married woman to a guy who was my classmate last 10th December 2016. 

Smile to our first picture this close!
(Literally this close)


And yes I know, everyone was so shocked to know that I was about to get married that time because none of them heard the news of me having a so-called 'boyfriend'. 

Well, I didn't. 
I didn't have any to be truth. 
Not until...
I engaged with your father, baby! Hahaha

7 MAY 2016 
I had no idea that my life will completely change after this date or to be exact, after joining this class. I took a short course of Diploma in Professional Communication PPM-DBP Batch 2/2016 (as seen below)

(Tadaaa! See your father's name there baby? hahaha)
Like who would have thought that right?

I was still working at my internship company at this time as the Content & Social Media Lead and am taking this short course on the weekend which was on Saturday (2pm-5pm). And, the class is still there, the course is still available. You can enroll them too! 

Why are you wasting your time taking this Diploma?
What benefit will you get from here?
Isn't it expensive?
Isn't it far?
Do you know anyone there?
Aren't you afraid that this cert is not the certified one?

Chill people. Chill. Let me answer you okay? 

First, I know this course existence because of my classmate who was spreading about this new enrollment from our lecturer (if I'm not mistaken) which was one of the students there previously. So, I told my dad about this thing though I have no interest in it. (Psst, actually I pretty much not fond of English, but I ended up with it now)

So. Yeah. What's the big deal? Hahaha.

After I told my dad about this, he was like.

Hey. Why don't you go there too? I mean, it's affordable enough since you are working now (that time, now I'm a training housewife to be haha)

How affordable is it? Haah tunggu!

So, I did think about what my dad said (solehah lah kononnya dengar cakap ayah. Takut tak dengar menyesal di kemudian hari) and I was like, Okay..This wouldn't be so hard right? It's just a 6 months course. If I cannot make it till the end, well at least I'll be paying it with my own money. I mean, duhh. Baru rasa sikit duit tu menghala ke mana kan.

And yeah, I didn't know anyone at there and I have no idea where was this place actually at. My first class was horrible. HAHA. I turned up late (because I got lost) and I kinda like screwed up the first class that time.

As me being me, I literally have vowed myself to actually just pass this class and get a cert and get a life! HAHAHA. Which mean, I will not be that social to socialize with people. As I have mentioned that the class took us around 6 months, I'm telling you that I knew NO ONE in that class for almost like 3-4months. I reached the class exactly at 2pm or 2.++pm (intentionally, just to avoid socializing with my classmates)


After the first and second class introductory session, I found that 90% of them are like a stable and successful people (all excluding me). *P/s : excuse for my low self-esteem


One of the lecturers asked me, and I was like...duhhh. I want the cert. As if I could have other intentions - I whispered to myself. 

'Khalidah? Miss Khalidah?' 
Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm here to get a cert. And just because my dad asked me to do so. 


Why Khalidah did you gave that answer? Now you don't even have any confidence to lift up your head in the class, not to even say Hi to the next people of you. Pffft. 

But, it was true. My intention is true. Though it sounds.... yeahhh~~

And just because I was working at a chinese company back then, my malay is getting more poorer than some foreigners (because this class only speaks malay) and that's why I decided to join this class. Haha

This was the first picture that I ever had with my classmates I think. 
(You see, how well-established and successful my classmates were? And yeah baby, that's your father - if you can see)

After 3-4 months later on, we decided to do a pot luck for Hari Raya. Which everyone technically has to bring ONE DISH (even the simplest one). And guess what your dad brought to the class baby? 

Cikedess (as so what he called a traditional snack to Malaysians -  which one of our classmates that were born in Arab then believed in his words. HA HA)

Inilah rupanya chikadess ya sayang...

So, I brought over a kek batik. And so, our story begins here...

Who wants to know more angkat tangan sikit πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

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