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You read it right (the title above I meanπŸ™ˆ). 
Now you can pay ONLY RM8.88 for a perfect Hainan Bread in SET 
(yes I didn't typed it wrong, IN SET😱 😍 😘 πŸ™Œ πŸ™† 😎 ) 
with the all new ALL-DAY HAINAN BREAD SET from Papparich

Like obviously, this is a perfect match to start your day with and now you can add more reasons to have a smile on your day (because you can save more with this SET!) . I have always been wondering on where to get a cheaper breakfast set that gives you a good vibe to start my day with. 

My breakfast at a cafe would normally cost me around RM10+ (since you know, there's no way we can runaway from the GST and lame reasons of - oh sorry, all the ingredients prices have went up, so we need to increase more the price on the menu). Well, for me. I personally don't mind to pay more IF AND ONLY IF the foods are satisfying me enough (and plus the customer service too - if you know why). 

So, I did came across to this one kopitiam last week with my husband during our weekend, in search of having a good breakfast (because pregnant lady is so ma-fan "leceh" sometimes). After wandering around and rubbing my tummy that morning and asking my baby what would be the best for that morning, I suddenly saw something that really made me stop and stood in front of the kopitiam with a smile on my face (because I suddenly feel like I want to have those on what I saw at that moment). 

Guess what did I saw?
Of course, things that comes in a cheaper price like what the old people said, 
'GOOD BARGAIN' - is that even the correct phrase?
Anyway, so yeah. 

(while holding my husband hand so he won't go anyway and 
have our breakfast here with a petty pleading face included. Haha)

Oh come on, it's a classic breakfast with a good price that comes in a SET! Who wouldn't want that rightπŸ˜‹ 😏 ? So, my pleading face succeed and we end up entered this most well known kopitiam in Malaysia since 2006. 

While I know that Malaysians can never separate with their traditional and must have Nasi Lemak and though I love Nasi Lemak too, but hey! Try to get a change to a classy meal too please. And this would be the best I must admit. 

Yes, me and my husband had the menu and we was surprised to see that they have improved their menus more than we could expect! But, of course the one that I must have that day was the Hainan Bread Set first. And with this new menu, you can choose yourself to either have the melt in the mouth bread of the 
Roti Steam with Butter + Kaya 


My No.1 all time favourite, the perfect Hainan Toast with Butter + Kaya 
😍 😍 😍 😍 😍
Who would say no to this right?

I would always go with a toast. But the toast here is a bit different I must say. The bread was toasted to a perfection with a perfect amount of my favourite kaya and butter. And why it's a bit different? Well, it's because they make their OWN KAYA! Oh my, I'm drooling again to see this picture. 

Okay, I did say that this RM8.88 comes in a set right? Yes. I'm not bluffing you. You can choose to complete your breakfast meal with either their most pick Coffee, Teh Tarik or even White Coffee (so you will not fall asleep after this heaven breakfast of yours ofc haha). 

And I choose you...

Hainan Toast of Butter + Kaya with Iced Teh Tarik😍
(you will need to add ONLY RM1.00 for the icy and foamy drink like mine ya 😎)

While I was enjoying my toast, my husband choose to have their legit Roti Steam with Butter + Kaya ofc (so that we could have a bite from each πŸ™ˆ πŸ˜‚ ). 

Roti Steam Butter + Kaya and Hot Coffee for my husband 😍

Not just that
I did said that we saw they have improved right? By that means, they now have more menus than before! And as we enjoyed our weekend that day, their new desserts just complete our date. 

Like seriously, 

I never thought they would have...


Not a just ordinary cake, 
The Classic New York Cheesecake from
Cat & The Fiddle Cheesecake,
Singapore’s Best Asian Flavored Cheesecakes πŸ’•

and my husband had their most perfect combinations cheesecake ever, 

The Oreo Cheesecake 😘

Now that's how we end up our short date breakfast so-called get-away. Hahaha. With a happy tummy and a happy baby inside and a happy wallet of course!

So, what are you waiting for? 
Head over to the nearest Papparich now and save up more with this All New Hainan Bread Set of RM8.88!

Get their latest update and menu's by following them at :

Or browse your menu's first at here : 

Have a good day start with a good breakfast people! Xx

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