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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily


Assalamualaikum 🙋
On today's post, I would like to share my very own personal experience of having a sister that unexpectedly involved herself in a serious (I must say) Slip Disc for almost 4 years and how to support this type of people.
To those who personally know me and my family, they knew that my 3rd sister previously have a serious problem of Slip Disc for quite some time. But, none of you guys know how she managed to get her life back after those years happened to her. 
Some might think that a Slip Disc (Google if you guys didn't know much and just come out with your own conclusion) is not a serious matter but some (if you have knowledge) know that it is a serious matter that can even bring someone down and lose hope in their life. Slip Disc that normally people aware of is only that this kind of thing happens to men. And hey, this is where the wrong goes. It does not only happen to men, but also to women. And yes, my sister is one of them. 
We don't really remember how the thing exactly happened. How everything started to change her life back then. She was a very innocent, kind hearted and a very active person since she was a kid. During her study years, she involved in so many charitable works and even sports. Her favourite is everything that involves with the Nature. Cycling, Hiking and sometimes Netball and she really wanted to go for a swimming class back then (which she think that it's too costly for her back then). At her climax moment as a teenager who is eagerly trying to figure out how adult life work as, day by days bad thing happened to her. Which involved her health almost 100% that changed her daily cheerful life too. She played Netball with her friends if I'm not mistaken, and had her ankle sprained. Like everyone else who would have been in her shoes will do. She just rub on some ointment and tried to massage it by herself which then was not a good idea. It got worse a few days or weeks afterwards but she kept on silent and bare the pain by herself. 

*P/S : Please note, that my sister is an introvert person. And to her, if she really can handle things by herself, she won't even bother to tell anyone about it and keep it to herself because not everyone will be able to understand an introvert. 

Later, if I'm not mistaken. She went for a hiking trip with her friends which somehow is another nightmare for her. While she was hiking, she sprained her ankle again on the same leg. AGAIN. This time, it's worser. Worser than she could've thought. Worser than everyone else would've thought it would be! The pain was indescribable she told me. She told our parents and my parents thought that by just putting an ointment. Everything will go back to how it was. No. It gets worse. They went to doctors. Yes. Doctors. Numbers of doctors. They gave her medications. Numbers of it. I can tell you how her life have been depending on pills everyday. Countless of pills she need to consume, more than 3 or 4 if I'm not mistaken and Yes. As a lady, it is not good for you to consume pills everyday as it will affect our health in the future, I told her.

Some of her meds.

Some people suggested her to go for a traditional massage. She did. She did. And she did. With different people and yet every single one that she met told different things to her about her condition. And up until, she don't even know how to react to the pain that she's having and cries to her sleep almost everyday. I sleep with her back then and I can see how much she suffered, endured and keep things to herself. Things getting worsen when one day, she was moving our sofa in the living hall while tidying up the house (without our-family members known). And the worse have come. The pain that only started from her ankle at first now have come up to her back. It strikes her back bone which then she finds it hard to even bend (membongkok) her back. 

She cried almost every night to her sleep and she can't even tell me how much the pain was. The doctors told her that she could not drive until she get her leg fix (which even she doesn't know what's wrong with it because of too much people describing her leg condition is). Some said, it's just a normal ankle sprained (but it wasn't duhhh obviously. It wouldn't have take more than a year to fix a sprained ankle), some people said it was a cramp on her leg some even said nothing is wrong just that the vein might get swollen inside. 

I see her suffered when it's the time for her to shine. After she graduated, her ambition and dream is to work independently. But, with her condition. She couldn't afford to take bath by herself. She searched for a nearby work and Alhamdulillah she managed to get one. I send her to work and fetch her whenever I have free time regardless of what time she needs me (she works on a shift time, so yeah). I remembered that theres one time, someone recommended to her an Acupuncture Centre somewhere in Ampangan, Seremban. It's to be said, that that centre is the most people visited to cure all types of diseases including Stroke. Me and my dad went there with her and see it ourself. Only at there, we realized how bad her pain is. The Acupuncturist, told us that if she wait longer. She could have been paralysed. She did her first treatment there and I saw her teary eyes. I saw how she hold her pain. How bad her so-called ankle sprained have become. She said, there's no hope for her anymore. And I really cried by just watching her condition. From Bangi, we went there with hope that one day she will cure back and walk as usual. Almost a month or so, she is getting better. But, she still feel the same inside she told me. As if something is not right at her back. 

I was there on every time when she had her sleepless night. When she only lay on her back and cannot move much and all she can do at that time was cried. Cried and asking me what on earth have she done wrong in her life that she now felt that her life is at end now. I barely can do anything at that moment and can only see her in pain. Literally. She lie on her back and can't move. She cried because the pain was too much which she barely can describe how painful it was. She kept on crying and said, that the Acupuncture Doctor's word has been lingering on her mind. 'You almost going to be paralysed.' It's painful to see her in pain such way. I help her bathe for more than a month. I help her in anyway I could. I know I'm not that that really good in saying good things to anyone. But, I can only show how concern I'm with my action. I have no money to help her financially truthfully speaking. All I could do back then was only lending my ears and shoulder (literally) and she always speak to me whenever she felt that her life is falling apart. Little that she knew, I cried inside whenever I watched her cried. Don't mentioned about time, energy and money she have spent for years only to find out what exactly happened to her. Some even asked her to go for a traditional method because they think that it involves the paranormal world thingy. I have a very deep feeling as a sister that that has nothing to do with her. 

Then, early this year, I met this one person which then I realized. That this might be a big chance to help my sister and get her life back. It's never a harm to try out you know. I was invited by a guy named Steven who's working with a Chiropractic Centre. I didn't know much about this whole thing I must admit. Then I did my researched, asked the Chiropractors at there and shared my sister's condition to them. I had a one treatment at there which then really really really convinced me to bring over my sister there. 

Truth be told, it's not easy. Since my sister is not driving, and she's depending on GrabCar/Uber Driver for her everyday ride. I said to my husband, that this might be the last chance we could try. And he agreed with me. Since I'm pregnant, my husband don't really let me drive. I told my sister about this Chiropractor thingy, and she agreed to have it a try with an excited face (and so was I and my husband. I mean, at last. I hope she can get her life back!) I set an appointment and the only time that she have was during my lunch hour which at that moment I'm working and so do my husband. I asked my boss for his permission and promised that it won't take long. But, once we reached there, a Chiropractor namely called Doctor Jue, explained to her, the truth about her condition. 

After meeting her, my sister smiled happily as she saw hope in front of her. She admit on whatever Doctor Jue explained to her about her condition was right. Though it's a bit far and hassle for her to come back and forth to the center and even I couldn't accompany her for her appointments every time. She said, she's willing to throw the dice. And I was the most happiest person ever knowing that there's a chance for her to get her life back. 

From our very first meeting with Doctor Jue, she explained to us her current spinal condition patiently and explained how she could help my sister out and of course what she need to do to improve her health more. As my sister is a kind of an introvert person, by the time when Doctor Jue asked her what's her problem. She barely can explained it with words and yes. I was there to explained all to the Doctor. 

Doctor Jue carefully examined my sister's back bone condition 
before suggesting or describing her pain condition. 

After understanding her case, she showed us what's wrong with her back bone and how it's related to her leg pain a.k.a her sprained ankle back then and how it's serious now. 

It's apparently a Slip Disc she explained. 
Doctor Jue was shocked on how young my sister have been suffered with this pain which took almost her 4 years of life away. 

Doctor Jue explained that it's not a rare for a women to have a Slip Disc. But, it is a bit rare if you have it at such a young age where at that stage you're about to grow. 'Everyone could have this for a very simple reason, which one of it is by lifting things up from below in a wrong position.; she explained. The red and white bone that she hold represents our back bone and how the Slip Disc occurred. 

 She did took her time to explained my sister condition slowly and made us understand more on how we should take care of our back bone. 
(Just look at the way she sit. No wonder she's a Chiropractor. 
She knows it very well on how to take care of her bones - jealous much of us)

She first ran a check on my sister back bone to identify the exact bone that need to be fix 
using the Nervo-Scope that I used before.
(You can view my experience with this centre HERE)

After done identifying the spot, she confirmed it back with my sister on the exact position 
before starting the treatment. 

My sister laid down in the position that Doctor Jue asked her to, 
One leg will need to be in a straight position and another one bend it between her leg 
so that she can support her (patient).
The arms will be hold by the Chiropractors' body and her other hand will focus on our back bone that will be fix at the back. 
In just a minute or two. The treatment should be done!

*P/S :Don't be surprise if you hear any crack sound, because that's how the treatment should be. 
Chiropractors adjusting back our bone to go back to the original position. 

Before we went back home, Doctor Jue suggested to us to buy an Ice Pack because patient will need to use it twice a day for when they are having their treatment done here. But, if you are on your period (as for a women),
you can substitute it with this Gel that you can find on Watsons or Guardian. 

Thanks to Doctor Jue, my sister now is recovering really much and enjoying her free healthy life without any meds anymore. Now, I don't have to cry for another 4 years more with my sister and watch her suffer longer. Alhamdulillah. Yeay!

I didn't know why, but really 
I'm really happy to hear this from her.

She can even DRIVE NOW!

Though I know she won't recover it 100% in a month or two, 

You see, that's why theres no harm in trying. You won't know the answer until you try it so. And really. To me, to her. It's worth to go. She came all the way for every appointment of hers with a Grabcar/Uber because she believes and determine and have the trust with Doctor Jue in recovering her. I have no more words to say how happy and thankful I'm to met Steven at the first place for introducing me to this centre. It's indeed a magical worth of trip. 

I'm really really really suggesting this centre for those who have problems with their back bone especially to come here and get a scan first to know your spinal health condition much further. You know, if you want to live longer, you should start be cautious now. 

Call+6011-11822300 for any enquiries or to book your appointment.
Don't worry about getting male or female chiropractor as they have both male and female chiropractic that you can choose from, like I mentioned on my previous blog post HERE!

Operating Hours:
Mon: 8.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.
Tues: 8.00a.m. - 2.00p.m.
Wed: 8.00a.m. - 8.00p.m.
Thur: 8.00a.m. - 8.00p.m.
Fri: 8.00a.m. - 2.00p.m.
Sat 8.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.
Sun: 8.00a.m. - 6.00p.m.

My Precision Chiropractic Centre (
Address: 13, Jalan Radin Bagus 5, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Last but not least, a big thank you for my lifetime driver a.k.a my husband Yusairy Jamil for always be there when I'm in need. (Which in this case, he's my loyal driver that help me and my sister out to come there for her first treatment) . Thank you Abang Semoga murah rezeki dan dapat belanja isteri anda lagi serta #babyYK akan datang😘🙈🙊


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  1. how is she right now? get well really soon and hope everything is still fine

  2. Hi Dedy, thank you for your kind support. She's doing very much well as compared to before treatment. Wishing you a great life ahead too!