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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily


Assalamualaikum πŸ™‹
Thank you for the overwhelming responds that I get from my previous post of DIY Budget Aqiqah 
To reminisce back my great year of 2017, thus I'm writing this post. 
This post is a bit lengthy but I promise you that this will touch your heart and gives you the answer to do your own confinement or bepantang sendiri. This moment I vowed to never forget in my life and thus I would like to share with you guys and if there's any good thing that you guys can learn and try it with your partner, you may do so.

Because marriage means to share and complete each others.
If you guys get to read on my blog from the beginning, you will know that I got engaged with a guy whom I knew as my classmate that I barely talk with, a month after and get married 2 months and half next. A month after marriage, I got pregnant for a baby. 9 months later I safely delivered a beautiful baby girl. Despite every good things happened, one thing I want to highlight here is that; I'm still in the stage of knowing my husband. I married to a guy who I completely have no idea the real him is. 

We decided to do our own confinement on my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. I admit that I'm still young and have no idea how the confinement days will work for me. Neither my husband.

But, to think of not wanting to burden both parents side of me and my husband, we decided to do the confinement on our own. How? With my husband's help, 100% counting on him. This is the stage where I get to know him more and learn more about marriage. 

  1. Ask around for friends or family members on how they did their confinement & jot down every single important note (include on what to eat & what to not to do-pantang)
  2. Read, Google Facts & ask your doctor for confirmation to any of your doubts. I know, this sounds a lil bit ma fan (menyusahkan) for you. But trust me. This help a lot. When we read, google and asked our doctor. We only knew the situation that we are facing right now is not similar to other people. Because, your pregnancy is your pregnancy.
  3. Get a CL (Confinement Lady) Okay. This is not a must, but if you have extra budget, you can search one. I had mine for only a week (as it's very pricey this days. I can only afford to pay them for a weekπŸ˜‚ Oh, this time, I pay them with my own money. Not my husband 😎 ) 
    I got my CL from Leviera Confinement Care & Beauty.
    Kak Hana, my CL for a week; is a very tip top CL!
    She even taught my husband some of her own menus.
    Thank you Kak Hana 😘
  4. Stock up your fridge! After we asked around and doctor, we went to the wet market 2 or 3 days before I delivered the baby to buy the foods with my husband. 
    The look of 44 days berpantang fridge πŸ˜‚
     Husband keep on buying new fish for every week. Thus, my fridge is always this full.
    Healthy food, healthy you 😘
  5. Prepare all your things in a smart way. (okay this is like a must. Since everything seems to be so pricey kan, this time you need to cut a bit) We don't buy clothes much as we know baby grows faster. We went to expo's and start buying important things only. We even bought our baby stuffs using Taobao (Lazada thingy like, directly from China) . ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING YOU SHOULD BUY ; Newborn Formula Milk (since breastmilk need normally 2-3 days to fully enough your baby's craving. Newborn baby should be feed every 2 hours. Or else you'll experience the shorten milk emergency like me - you can read HERE)
    Bought this as I was not sure which jamu is the best.
    But, so far. This is good for meπŸ™Š
  6. Clean your confinement room & your house too! Why? Because people will be coming to your house to see your baby, not really youπŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
  7. His first time to 'jemur' as in showering the baby with the morning sun;
     since our baby had jaundice for a short time at first. 
  8. HAVE YOUR HUSBAND'S MORAL SUPPORT. Major important. He will be there with you 24H. So, make sure he knows how will your condition be physically & mentally. Don't be afraid  & shy to go for antenatal class with your partner. If you're lucky, you might get the free one too like us πŸ™ˆ (we had ours under the Columbia Asia Cheras Hospital).  Teach him how to handle with care - the baby & you. Teach him how to cook too! (No worries, makanan berpantang simple je) Make sure to always have the mood in your house positive - no shouting shouting ahh 😏 
    My husband learnt on how to bath our baby from his sister in law.

    Thank you kak iza♡

    Husband awkward hand first time holding a baby by himselfπŸ™Š
    At  least he tried! 😍

    My husband learnt how to swaddle our baby the correct way from the CL.

    Drove us to Hospital for check up. Despite his working hours.

    Everyday menu from husband πŸ’—
    My favourite. Ikan Siakap masak bumbu.
    Nak resepi? Boleh comment ya😘

    Ikan Tenggiri Masak Asam, Sawi + Carrot campur and Raspberry Tea Leaf Hot😍

    How my husband did all of these? Love I guess?
    He woke up everyday at 5a.m.
    He cook for me, bath my baby, let me go and take my bath, clean the house & go to work.

    Sometimes, confinement food pon sedap jugak tau!

    Okay, that curry fish head was his. 
    Since, I don't eat the head part. So, he made some for him. 
    With a much more delicious version than mineπŸ˜‚

    Tenggiri Masak Asam, my favourite ♡
    Yes, everything was prepared by my husband 100%. 

     Peria campur Carrot Susu + Carrot dengan Ikan Siakap masak Bumbu

    He even made up his own menu with a lil bit fusion of Japanese. 
    Sup ayam seaweed. 
  9. LASTLY, Deliver your baby happily & safely πŸ’—


  1. Always wear your sock & sweater to keep you warm.
  2. Don't forget your corset/bengkung (to keep you in shape back ofc)
  3. Your herbal drinks (to keep your body warm, I had mine from Mustika Ratu)
  4. Always sit & walk slowly.
  5. Always tie up your hair and make it a bun.
  6. Never have cold drink & only have hot drinks
  7. Have time to rest more (if possible please don't allow people to visit you during night, as you and your baby need to rest well)
  8. Use ointments that suits you and don't cause you any irritation to your skin if you have leg cramp or if your feet get cold during night.
  9. Do not stay in an air conditioned room. 
I just wanted to share, if me and my husband can do it, Why can't you? πŸ˜‰ Ofc, at first it will feel and look awkward. But hey man, your wife have just risked her life to give birth for your baby. She was full with blood and pain 24H, she got stitches, she lost her energy and battled to the end. Show some love towards her by helping her out such as these. Isteri mana tak sejuk hati lepas tengok suami rajin macam ni kan? 😊  Now he can be a man and a dad with an excellent award tau!

*P/s : For muslims, I do advise you to put on ayatul ruqyah all the time in your house while you are on your confinement. Time time berpantang ni lah emosi selalu dikacau dugaan datang tanpa henti. I do sometimes rasa nak marah melenting rimas dengar baby menangis kadang-kadang. But I know, tu hanya mainan perasaan je. So, jangan layankan sangat bawa berzikir istighfar and dengaar ayat ruqyah yaπŸ˜‰

If you have any questions, do comment below. Mana tahu ada yang lain tahu jawapan dia, boleh share info 😘


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