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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

DIY Budget #babyYK Aqiqah & House Warming while on confinement...

Assalamualaikum πŸ™‹
First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for the overwhelming responds that I get for my previous post of #VIRAL Boost Milk with 2 things only πŸŒΈ πŸ’–
This time I would like to share with you on how me and my husband did our very first Aqiqah of baby YK and house warming (since we just moved to our new house this early year).

Basically, planning an event is not an easy task (for me, personally ever since my college years haha). But, what is more difficult is that planning an event to represent your family while you're on confinement. Yes. CONFINEMENT. Without any help from others. Our small family of 3 managed to organised the event for 200+ of friends and neighbours. Husband agreed on providing the fund (well of course kan? HAHA) while me, I have to find the right caterer and the 'pelamin'  so-called decorator. Okay, we didn't just do the Aqiqah, we had the "Cukur Jambul" and "Marhaban" too. 

**Just a lil bit information about few words that some of you might come across while reading this through. 

'Aqiqah means or defined as sacrificing animal due to the birt of a newborn. The word "Aqiqah" is literally taken as "to cut". This religious practice is performed by the parents as conducted by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions whenever bestowed with a new child. Aqiqah in Islam is usually performed simultaneously with the day of shaving the newborns hair which in Malay we called it "Cukur Jambul".'

While  "Marhaban" is actually comes from the arab word that brings the meaning of welcoming. And Marhaban in Malay culture is a group of people (usually from motherly figured/aged reciting some prayers to thank to Allah (God) for the baby). 

Now, let's proceed with my preparation of our very first event of #babyYK or known as Maysaa Yuka Mohd Yusairy on 12th November 2017. 

I suggested husband to get ourself a new caterer as we wanted to have a rather different taste and style of our own on this event. He agreed but ofc, with me doing that thing (not him lah kan). We decided on the menu (which is really a thrill for me as I was on my confinement and I found that I have to go for all the dishes that I want especially the grill lamb (Kambing Bakar) 😍 😚 . But, to think of it back, we thought that getting ourself for the lamb grill, 1 lamb surely wouldn't be enough for our guest (well, siapa je tak suka kambing bakar kan? HAHA) . So, instead of having Kambing Bakar, we thought of having Kambing Gulai Kawah (Curry Gravy Wok Lamb - macam pelik je in English, hentam je lah labu haha) or Kambing Kuzi. And surprisingly my husband told me that he never had Kambing Kuzi at least once in his life. So, ofc my love in food have brainwashed him to make him fall in love with the dish. And it's not easy because not all caterer cook it well I'm telling you. Husband said, find a good caterer then we'll go with your menu of choices. If not, we'll go with mine. So, terus gelabah hahaha. Well, sebab dah dua bulan berpantang kan, I have done with eating confinement menus for 2 months. So, I'm really giving out my best in the search of a good caterer hokayyy. Hahaha

I posted on an FB group to search for a caterer for a small event of 200+ pax. Alhamdulillah I managed to get quite numbers of contacts from there. I chat with them day and night about the quotation and menus and most important of all, the lamb. As this is for Aqiqah. We wanted a very well known in islamic way of handling the lamb. The lamb need to be slaughtered carefully and the bones and all need to be taken care of ; in a way of burying the bones and unwanted parts deep in the soil. Many aspects I look into when it comes to choosing the caterer. Ater 1 week and half , I finalised the caterer into 3 people. I asked them to come down to our house for a food tester (we had a Kampung menu anyway). So, they have to come to my house and cook the 3 main dishes of Kambing Kuzi/Kambing Gulai Kawah, Ikan Masin Masak Gulai Nenas and Sambal Sotong. (P/S : in case you never had this before. You are welcome to scroll down to see the picture of the menu. Jangan terliur pulak yaπŸ™ˆ ) 

In case you guys are wondering why the caterer have to come to our house for the food test, I was still on my confinement by the time of choosing the caterer ya. And my husband is the one will be the judge for the taste but me, I'll judge based on the presentation ofc. After 2 weeks, calling the caterer and had the food test. Alhamdulillah. We managed to get the best (for us, they cook the best. Why? Nanti I cerita dekat bawah ya)

So, our preferred caterer came with 2 types of Sambal Sotong. Sambal Sotong Kering and Sambal Sotong Basah. I love all from the beginning though I cannot taste it at that time. From just watching them presenting their food to us. Is another additional point for us to choose them. 

NR Zienie Caterer is a husband & wife business and the husband himself is the chef. 

He is a real chef. With a background as one of the chef in Concorde Hotel. Hahaha. You read it right, a Chef Hotel he is! And guess what made his food special? He made his own paste of his own food. No wonder his Kambing Kuzi is a top notch for us. Yum yum. Sangatlah yummy sampai tengah type ni boleh terbayang terliur masak Kuzi dia. They both stay in Lembah Klang and as a home cook caterer, he is willing to go for as far as Shah Alam to serve his best to his customers. I'm telling you, our guests even stayed until the end of our event just to repeat his Kambing Kuzi 2 3 times okay! Sampai risau dah tuan rumah takut kambing tak cukup katanya, Hahaha. 

We had the Kampung Style Themed menu that day and surprisingly our family and friends regardless races all love the menu! Mana taknya, ayam goreng panas panas tau goreng. That's another reason why we love our caterer so much tau. Looooove sangat sangatπŸ’•

My man picture. My husband, my father and my father in law (before orang serbu rumah πŸ˜‚)

We had a very simple Aqiqah and House Warming done since everything was planned by us both only and since we had pack schedule of working. So, yeah. I did a very simple dessert corner for kids to munch in some sweets. And we only had 1 canopy for the event that consist of 5 big round tables for 8 pax. Haaah. We even managed to get a very good service of canopy with a very good price from En. Rosli (please be noted, that I'll share all the info's and contacts that I managed to get at the end of this post ya) Sharing is caring sangat kan?πŸ™ˆ

My decent dessert cornerπŸ˜‚  A big thanks to my friend, 
Wai Sin for the welcoming board designπŸ’–

Had my Cotton Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake & 
Brownies Chocolate Cheesecake done by my high school friend, 
(*P/s : Chocolate Cream Cake belakang di sponsor oleh maklong suami saya, Alhamdulillah)

You see how fluffy and jingly jiggle this cotton cheesecake is? Ya rabbi, saya selaku tuan rumah dapat merasa satu slice je, husband saya lagi tak merasa πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Goodies Bag for Marhaban group that was made 100% by our own hand with some help
 from my juniors.

Thank you to my friend's husband, 
tanpa suamimu Zalikha, tiadalah tempurung kelapa untuk Maysaa

So, this is the Marhaban group before the event started. 

We decided to have the Marhaban, Majlis Berendoi & Cukur Jambul 
in the morning first for family and closest friends. The house warming started after, 
around 12.30 p.m. 

 After the Marhaban finished, then we started the Cukur Jambul started with the Marhaban group members, family and friends.

Truth be told, this is my very first experience to have this done. My family never had this before. So, you can see my awkward face there seeing people smooching my sleeping baby and cutting her hair not to mention campak campak bunga rampai satu rumah 
(walaupun end up my husband will sweep the floor kan, but still. HAHA) 

To those who are still new in this like me, let me explain what normally people will do in this kind of ceremony.

1st, you will need to feed the baby with the holy water of Air Zam Zam.

2nd, you need to feed the baby with the date (just a lil bit and make sure the date touch its palate)

3rd (not really a must but more to a tradition), sprinkle a lil bit of air kapur to the baby 
(which I have no idea for what this is for HAHA)

4th, cut the baby's hair (just a pinch. Not until you give the baby a haircut ofc)

Last but not least, put the hair that has been cut into the coconut water 
(which again I have no idea why we must put it in thereπŸ˜‚ )

And not to forget, this is the time for you to smooch the baby as much as you want until the baby cryπŸ˜‚

Again, you may repeat the steps until the family members say stop or when you just have too much time to be spend on for that πŸ˜…

And after Maysaa cried because of her unwillingness of people cutting her hair, she was so happy to be place back again in her beautiful pelamin berendoi (baby crib) 😍
(Mohon jangan tanya mana pergi stokin sebelah lagi, the sock keep on falling off from her feet. Almaklumlah, nak practice jadi cinderella katanya πŸ™ˆ )

 At the end of the event, my husband asked the Marhaban group to sing a song that he has been wanting to hear it ever since his mother still alive. Paras Gemilang is the song that he hoped that his mother would sing during our wedding reception, but it didn't happened as for some reasons. 
The song was made by the Marhaban group members dedicated to their children/baby.

"Ayuhai anakku Paras gemilang, 
Kepada Ibu bapamu hendaklah sayang, 
Memeliharakan kamu bukannya senang, 
Tidur tak lena Makan tak kenyang"

My husband suddenly felt the strong of a mother's love which he has been missing since this early April (the lost of his mother, you can read here : )
It was his wish to have her late mother together witness this day, but Allah loves her more. 
Al-Fatihah to Hjh Maimon.

And we didn't thought that our family and friends will make their time to attend our event this much. Ya Allah terharunya. Punyalah satu malam fikir takut tak ada orang datang rumah esoknyaπŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

Friends from high school, college and colleague from all places managed to come at last. Alhamdulillah 😍 πŸ’–

A group photo with Marhaban Group from Taman Impian Ehsan, Balakong. 

A photo with my parents and my uncle from Ampangan, Seremban. 

Not to be bias, a photo with my husband friends ofcπŸ˜‰

One shot with my lovely friend, Alicia Lim & partner. Xi xie ni for coming ya😘

One with the #IbarakiMenjerit Geng katanya...

One more with my susah nak jumpa kawan yang dah hampir setahun tak jumpa walaupun duduk sebelah taman je kannn.

Take five for a while, princess of the day was too tired πŸ˜‚

Recharged her energy as many people of my husband friends queued up to take photo with her...

 Take five again because...

Mama couldn't resist watching guest eat the Kambing Kuzi πŸ˜‚

One with my high school friend, eh anak orang hujung tu comelnyaaa.
Pardon Maysaa Yuka tired face πŸ˜‚

Last but not least, a photo with Haji Jamil familyπŸ’–

Ya. Ramai cakap pelamin cantik sangat macam pelamin kahwin kan?
Maysaa Yuka Pelamin Berendoi was perfectly done by Zoura Pretty Fingers. 

The pelamin has been the talk of that day, people came in to our house and find how beautiful the pelamin was and it look so spacious! It's spacious indeed and it has been done perfectly as what I wish for! Thank you so much kak Zura and teamπŸ’–

Okay, I know everyone is looking forward with people that have helped us in making this event a success (for me haha). Thus, please scroll below for more info's.

To sponsors, a very big thank you from the bottom of our little family.

Sponsors of Maysaa Yuka Aqiqah & House Warming , 12.11.2017 :

Without the pelamin, without our photographer, our good food from our best caterer, without the canopy to shiel our guest from the sun hot and rainy weather, desserts to sweeten our guests day, marhaban group to complete our event, without all of these above this event wouldn't go well as how we planned. 
Thank you so much from our little family, 
Ada rezeki jumpa lagi😍 😘 πŸ’•

Last but not least, thank you everyone for the wish and doa for our beautiful angel, 
Maysaa Yuka Mohd Yusairy. 


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