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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily Let you order your Canvas at home

Assalamualaikum 🙋'.
I know how much people have been wanting to just shopping without stepping out their foot from house. Especially when it comes to deco. Though I personally at first choose to see the items in front of my eyes before buying it, after married I have changed my perception. My husband taught me how he back then at Japan used to buy things online, even if it's just from a supermarket. So, coming back here in Malaysia, he always prefer to buy things online without going out from house. 

Since we just moved in to our new house and there's not much things yet. We decided to have canvas and complete our house look more. We wonder if ever there's a shop that can actually simplify our life more on getting a canvas without going out to their shop literally. And turn out, there is one that's available! – Precious Gifts From Your Heart
As I was going through the website, then only I realised that they does not only offer you Canvas to keep your memories alive, but also others. Such as Throw Pillow, Mugs and their all new keeping the memories together with family - DIY JIGSAW PUZZLE!
For me, it's so simple that I barely noticed that I actually just ordered a canvas from them by just sitting at home!
Let me show you how you can get one done too : 

Log onto
Choose how you want to keep your memories with them
(From mug, Magic Mug, Cushion, Canvas, Photo Rock, Jigsaw Puzzle, Throw Pillow or even a Mousepad!)
I personally chose to have a Canvas😍
(Yup, you saw it right. There's having a 30% off now!)
After you click on the Canvas and choose your preferred size,
you will see blank canvas for you to custom.
Here, you can click the Image button and Add Text button to insert your image and text wanted.
Next, it will appear your image this way and your text as you wanted.
You can even choose the Text Style to match your canvas theme.
(Since this is for my baby's room, Tadaaa! Oh, that's her name in Japanese anyway🙈)
After that, click Done and the page will show you a preview of your custom canvas like this. 
What I like most, is that I can still Edit the design back if I want to change anything. 
After you have proceed to Checkout,you can see your cart here.
And as usual, you need to fill up your details for them to send your canvas to you.
Next, you can choose on how to make the payment. 
It can be done through Online Banking or via Cash Deposit Machine or even the ATM.
Simple right?
Before you make your payment, another Review Order section will pop up just to ensure on things that you have bought.
 (I love this so much so that I can remember back on the things that I have bought)

Finish with that, now I just have to sit and relax waiting for my canvas to knock my door. Can't wait to see it soon. You guys can try one too. Now, everything can be done from your fingertips. No more going out for a home decoration for me after this!

Visit ♡


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