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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily


So, last few days husband and I along with Maysaa Yuka went to Bangi to do shopping (basically me-mak mak punya shopping - read : I shopped at PumpOnTheGo) . After spending there which I think the very first time I spent such amount as a mother (HAHA) , we thought to go for our lunch. And since the shop is just near to our favourite Wong Solo, so we thought to go there. When suddenly...

When suddenly as usual, Wong Solo. Wherever you go to (their branches - it's a rare to find an empty car park) Literally. So, we parked the car like another 3 shops more than them. And we saw this really really empty sad environment restaurant
and we saw their bunting and banner at the front door which welcoming us - so much. 

How can you not notice this huge BANNER GUYS?πŸ˜‹

Okay, please be noted that at first we want to have Ayam Penyet, Wong Solo. But, gosh! The ques was no joke. So, we took 5 minutes in front of this restaurant to decide where to have our lunch at. While waiting for our decision, this restaurants staffs have been waiting for us with a smile (which is not a force or scary smile to drag us coming in to their restaurant like some restaurant will do ofc). So, we thought - It's not like we have never had Wong Solo before. It's pretty common for us to dine in there to think back again actually
 (well, since I like their sambal penyet and mango juice - that's all) πŸ˜‚

So, with Bismillah and our right feet, we entered this restaurant (precautions, well. Haha). 
The first menu that caught us was of course, 

Their own specialty - Juragan Kambing Bakar lah!

Nampak tak tu? The bunting stated there ' KAMBING BAKAR SELONGGOK'! which means, you will get a full plate of Kambing Bakar. Okay, from my experience, whenever we ordered Kambing Bakar, the plate is always bigger than the kambing (if you get what I meant - HAHA) . So, we brave ourselves to try this ourselves for the first time.

Let's cut the chase and straight to the point. We ordered of course the Kambing Bakar Selonggok 2 Sets (each had one) because the restaurant name is Kambing - obviously we need to try that on and because we can never resist kambing simply haha.

See that juicy kambing bakar there?!
And the plate is no joke full with the Kambing people!
This set comes with a drink and soup.
(We both had Air Limau Panas - you can choose from Air Sirap/Teh/Limau Panas)

Don't worry peeps, they have their in house Sambal Penyet & Kicap Lada too!

Let's close up for the Kambing.
It's Daging okay! It's like only 15% of fat je dalam per serving. 
The rest are literally Kambing Bakar!

Belanja lagi sikit close up ya anak anak πŸ˜‚
HAHAHA. Ya rabbi. Benci tengok gambar ni. It makes me starving everytime I see this again.
 I swear I ate this 2 times (have to take a break a while because memang banyak kambing!)

Okay, to those who wonder, 'Tak ada sayur ke?'
Wait guys, wait, 

Tadaaa! Beneath these generous kambing, there's onions, cabbage & cucumber ya😘

Okay, truth be told. The kambing was marinate perfectly and the sauce is perfect. Not too salty and not too sweet. Just the perfect portion and you can still taste the sweet of the lamb itself. 

The price? Now, they're having OPENING PROMOTION which per set is ONLY RM12.90 - You'll get Rice, Soup, Kambing & Free Drinks (to choose from). The Normal Price is RM14.90.
Again, they did not pay me to write this. But, this is a sincere & honest review from us to share with you guys. Why? Because we know who wouldn't love kambing with cheap prices (like we do) πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚

Tengok, dia punya senyum dapat kambing bakar banyak tuπŸ˜‚

Okay, 'Tak ada menu lain ke selain kambing?'
Ada people. ADA.


I'm glad that they didn't lie us about the 'Kambing Selonggok' πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
That's the normal price ya, now they're still on the Opening Promotion Price, 
RM 12.90 (until when, until the boss say so πŸ˜‚)

Ada Ayam Penyet juga ya anak anak sekalian.

Bebek juga ada ya😜

Okay, we didn't saw this until we finish our lunch. 
(sila menangis HAHAHA)

Okay. Habis dah cakap. Ni Alamat & phone number dia ya. 

So, that's why lah benci Juragan Kambing Bakar ni. Sebab Murah , Sedap & KENYANG MAKAN KAMBING SELONGGOK! Eh, dah pay day kan? Boleh dah esok weekend bawak isteri anak-anak makan sini (bagilah isteri waktu berehat sekali sekala bawak makan makanan sedap. 
Contohnya siniπŸ™ˆ)

Conclusion : Don't judge a book by it's cover. 
Kalau kita tak rasa sendiri, mana kita tahu kan? So, Kambing lovers, till we meet again in other restaurant that we will haunt for Kambing again HAHA. 
(Not to be racist, but we prefer Kambing more. HAHA)

Contact No. : 017-433 7353
Address : No. 3A-G-1 & 5-G-1, Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar 4A, Seksyen 9, Bangi (few blocks from Wong Solo Bangi)


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