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Loviia Diapers Review - YK Review

Hi Assalamualaikum πŸ™‹
To parents who love on finding good quality products with very very affordable price for their little ones, this is the right page you are viewing I'm telling you. 

I managed to come across to this one good baby products all the way from Korea, that is Baby Diapers namely called Loviia Honesty or Loviia Diapers. Despite it's cheap price (affordable price) , the quality is a top notch for me. 

Let us go through one by one. From it's packaging to the quality. 

As I grow, the only packaging of baby diapers I ever knew for my lifetime is that they are packed in a wide packaging. That sometimes I feel it is a bit hassle for me to bring it everywhere. Dragging the diapers bag is a hassle and to keep them too need big space/storage. While Loviia Diapers, is totally the other way round. The width is not that big and doesn't seem to take so much space than regular/common diapers that we found in the market. Surprisingly, they are contrary is taller than other diapers packaging. Which is GREAT!

Okay, this is another thing that we as mothers gossip about (don't lie meπŸ˜‚)
I really really am personally giving 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 for its cute and attractive design. Like, who didn't like cute things right? And the seller too mentioned to me that every sizes they have different designs! Another great idea on how you can teach your babies differentiating which one is theirs and which is not.

 Size M

Size L

Size XL

Comel kan designs dia semua? 

First of all, some of you might even not know what is SAP anyway. So, SAP is Super Absorbent Polymer - also known as slush powder that normally can be found in baby diapers and sanitary napkins (most of them). Water-absorbing polymers too is classified as hydrogels when cross-linked ; that absorb aqueous solutions through hydrogen bonding with water molecules. To know that Loviia Honesty SAP is high until it can last for up to 12 hours, I was so excited and satisfied enough that my baby wore it without having any leakage problems at times she's wearing it! Some baby diapers promises that their SAP is high and able to withstand for up to 10 hours long on the baby's excess 'capacity', but they failed terribly at the end. So, Loviia Diapers win this again πŸ™Š

Okay. First thing first, I must admit even before I have my baby, I like to see baby diapers with Wetness Indicator. I have no idea why, but really I like to see that haha. Maybe as I know that this will help me in future. Wait, Yes, I heard you asked what is Wetness Indicator. wetness indicator is a common feature in many disposable diapers and toilet training pants. It is a feature that reacts to exposure of liquid as a way to discourage the wearer to urinate in the training pants, or as an indicator for parents that a diaper needs changing.

So, how kan the wetness indicator look and works?

You see, there are 3 yellow lines on the diaper.
This will eventually turns to green-blue when your baby diaper is full!

See, the yellow now turns to blue.
This was after 4-5 hours Maysaa Yuka wearing it.

Basically, this normally comes with expensive baby diapers. I did saw one before and a bag cost around RM40+ . I know that some parents willing to spend on their babies but we must know that they are some parents who would love to do the same thing too but they are in tight budget. But, with Loviia Diapers I'm sure we can save more but still giving the best for their little ones ♡

This is another most frequently asked questions from us, the mothers to the sellers. 
'Will the surface be dry even after 5 times of pee-ing. '

YESSSS! I get a YES answers from them!

How can I am not grateful to know about this?

It is true and I have tested with my baby, #babyYK. 

For pricing time-wise, this win the most as shockingly they have the same price for each sizes! Believe it or not, 1 BAG is only RM 25.80 (without cod or delivery charge).  AND THEY HAVE SAMPLE PACKS TOO! So you can always change after you received it (only applicable to those who wants COD)

This is just an add point why you should get this one for your little ones. The diapers size is way much longer than those you can find in the supermarket. So, I like this better personally. As some I might feel that my baby's butt might not be breathing inside those cute petite size diapers that we commonly found in the supermarket, but with Loviia, I know my baby's butt is breathing happily πŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰

Left : Loviia Diapers M. 
Right : Tesco Love M.

This is normally a major problem for mommies like me who send their babies to nursery or daycare. We tend to stack our baby diapers for their usage everyday right? But with normal diapers that we used, we barely can stack up numbers of diapers inside the bag. As you know, they are thicker and bulky. Sometimes we can only put up to 6 diapers in a tower.

Inside my diaper changing bag.

But again, surprisingly with Loviia Diapers, I can stack the diapers 2X MORE! Because they are so thin, not bulky and lightweight! 

Bottom (Yellow) : Loviia Diapers
On top (Purple) : Genki

Do you have the same problem with me on every time ruining and tearing apart your cute baby diapers bag? With Loviia Honesty, I bet everything is honest!

They have the ready-to-open/tear-me-up-here that specially design to not ruining your baby's cute Loviia Diapers bag anymore ya!

If you zoom in, then you will see lines to be teared up.

You can tear it slowly here (just because the packaging is cuteπŸ˜‚)

Then, Tadaa!
You may take your diapers here mommy 

I have no idea how but Loviia Honesty is not only a diapers that you would just want to buy and throw away if not using it. This diapers have so many good things packed in a bag!


Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Diana Nasir

Tya Adnan

Kindly contact the sellers number as below as they can deliver the baby diapers right to your doorsteps too (if they are near to youπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚)

Instagram : Loviia Diapers
Whatsapp : Loviia Diapers

Agent Bangi : Salina - 012 2358001
Stockist Semenyih : Iza - 019 3456406
Agent KL/Gombak : Liana - 019 3063818
Agent KL/Pantai Dalam/Melaka : Umairah - +821096010406
Agent Kuala Selangor/Perak : Zalikha - 013 2150336
Agent Kuala Langat/Banting : Faiz - 013 6961937
Agent Rembau/Perak : 011-21936653 

Agent Nilai/Salak Tinggi/Putrajaya : 018-3513324
Agent Shah Alam/Johan Setia/ Petaling Jaya : Illin - 012-351 5865
Agent Rembau/ Tampin: Zubaidah - 016-3592827
Agent KL/ Ampang/ Bukit Indah : Jettah - 019-4980 893
Agent Sg. Merab/Putrajaya : 017-9802171


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  3. The absorbency is poor.. My 1 month old baby always leaking

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