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Resepi Mudah Shell-Out 1,2,3!

Hi Assalamualaikum🙋
Sorry for the long disappearance as I was still busy juggling my life being a young working mother here. Haha. I'm writing this post as because there's many people that asked me on my Shell Out recipe that I made on last 26th March.

Homecooked Shell-Out!

So, here you go. You can pin this recipe and share it on your wall so you can just click on this if you forget on the ingredients ya😘

Ingredients :
1 Onion /1 labu Bawang
5 Cloves Garlic / 5 biji Bawang Putih
2-3 Lemongrass / 2-3 batang Serai
12 Green Chillies / 12 batang Cili Padi (I like to eat spicy, you can reduce this part)
2-3 inch Ginger / 2-3 inci Halia

Vegetables of your choices:
Curry Leaves
*as many as you wish*

Turmeric Powder
Chilli Powder
*1 big spoon each or as many as you wish*

I used Alagappa's Chilli Powder.


You can start with steaming your vegetables and seafood first. As for the sauce can be done less than 10 minutes. 

When steaming, your seafoods will be producing water. 
Do not throw the water away as you will need it for the sauce later on.

Next, blend all (A) ingredients.

Until it become this way. 

Heat up your wok with butter and oil. Add in your (A) ingredients.
I used Planta and Olive Oil (refer previous image)

Stir it for about 4-5 minutes, then add in the curry leaves. 
Don't forget to throw in sprinkle of salt.
Do not add in water.

After 5 minutes more, divide the gravy into 2. 
Make sure the gravy is not too saucy with water. 

Add on your cooked seafoods into the gravy with the water as well.
After the water have become thick for about 5-10minutes more, 
you may add in your vegetables. Do not put in too early as it will make the vegetables too mushy. 

Stir them all well together. 

Add in the balance gravy and mix them up more. 
And you are ready to eat!

Spray some water on your table and cut up a transparent plastic.
Put the plastic on the sprayed surface. You may add your Shell Out on the plastic and serve them with rice and drinks of your choices!

You are done!

Thank you for reading this. I hope we can save more money when making this at home by ourselves😂

Preparation time : 30 minutes (including washing and cutting the ingredients)
Cook : 30 minutes (including steaming)
For : 4 people

*P/s : We had our seafoods frozen from a Segi Supermarket. You can have fresh one instead from pasar and the taste will be much more sweeter (that comes from the seafoods I bet!)

Let me know if you guys made it to the final and the score for your own cook!


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