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My Must Have Item from Safi Shayla - Hijab Haircare Expert Range

Hi Assalamualaikum🙋
I'm hereby to share with you my lucky moments to have been selected to the relaunch of Safi Shayla - Aktifkan Diri Anda Bersama Safi Shayla; Pakar Rambut Wanita Bertudung. 

At the relaunch of Safi Shayla - Aktifkan Diri Anda

It was held at District 21, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

New range from Safi Malaysia guys!

We all know how Safi has become Malaysia 1st Expertise in Halal Hijab World Shampoo right? Today, in regards to problems that hijab women are having from (rambut rapuh-senang putus dan kegatalan pada kulit kepala), Safi brings you the all new Safi Shayla. This new Safi Shayla was not only improves their shampoo, but making its way to the all new Mist 2 in 1 (Hair & Hijab) , Hair Serum, and Hair Oil. 

Who said Hijabis couldn't take care of their hair despite a hot and sunny day weather in our beloved country? Having these common factors are one of those reasons how women dropped their self-esteem and confidence. But, now not anymore with Safi Shayla!

Improved formula that enriched with 1001 benefits from the Black Seed, and goodness of Micro Bamboo Charcoal. Having to introduce Black Seed extract that have been used for centuries before for its goodness, Safi now introducing their all new products with Black Seed to reduce scalp itchiness with preventing bacterias forming. 

Micro Bamboo Charcoal help to relieve toxin from hair scalp, reduces oily hair and gives you shiny healthy hair back. With this too, all dirts and oil can be get rid off in no time that thus will thicken your hair and control your hair smell (ye lah. Bau rambut ni kan penting to increase or boost our self confidence terutama yang bertudung macam kita kita ni kan🙊)

Believe it or not, Safi did not just improved their formula, but their looks too! And the fact that their new products are now long last up to 48 hours are just the thing that hijabi women would like to hear kan?😏

This 2-in-1 Hair & Hijab Mist is fast drying and can be sprayed directly onto the hair or hijab without leaving any unwanted spots or stains on your hijab😍 A refreshing fragrance that last up to 24 hours (lepas ni lepak mamak jangan lupa bawak ni sekali tau, agak agak mamak tu pon pening, spray sekali ni dekat rambut dia🙈)

Okay, like I mentioned earlier. They have new range products too kan. Use both of Safi Shayla Shampoo and Safi Shayla Hair Serum, then automatic your hair akan nampak bouncy, flowy, ringan and ofc healthier lah kan. 

The last product would be their all new Safi Shayla Hair Oil that will help to leave your hair soft and smooth with shiny healthy hair. 

Shampoo - 160G (RM8.35) / 320G (RM13.65) [8 Variants]
  1. Safi Shayla Fresh & Bounce Shampoo
  2. Safi Shayla Smooth & Manageable Shampoo
  3. Safi Shayla Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  4. Safi Shayla Hair Fall Shampoo
  5. Safi Shayla Black Shine Shampoo
  6. Safi Shayla Itch Control Shampoo
  7. Safi Shayla Oil Control Shampoo
  8. Safi Shayla Damage Hair Control Shampoo

Shampoo Pouch - 480G (RM 14.65) [5 Variants]
  1. Safi Shayla Hair Fall Shampoo
  2. Safi Shayla Fresh & Bounce Shampoo
  3. Safi Shayla Itch Control Shampoo
  4. Safi Shayla Anti-Dandruff Shampoo
  5. Safi Shayla Smooth & Manageable Shampoo
Safi Shayla 2-in-1 Hair & Hijab Mist - 100ml (RM 17.90)

Okay, banyak lagi harga dia kalau nak tulis sampai esok pon tak habis kan🙊 But, most important thing is semuanya at affordable prices & HALAL tau!


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