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Bondahaven : 1st Malaysia's Breastfeeding Specialist & Spa | YK Honest Review

Hi Assalamualaikum🙋
Last weekend, I had a chance (like finally!) my chance going to a spa. 
A REAL SPA I mean😂😍
I know, nothing is special about going to a spa right. But, this time that makes it so special is the spa itself that's specially created by a doctor for mommies!
(Thank God, someone heard our praying mommies 😂)
To my known, this spa has started from the past six (6) months. Which is quite new and the concept too is the very first one in our country I must admit!
Founded by a beautiful doctor to two beautiful cheeky toddlers, Dr. Tengku Nur 'Atiqah is a verified medical doctor, lactation counselor and also an avid breastfeeding advocate. 

After giving birth to her very first daughter during her hectic first year of houseman-ship and to add on with her very first unprepared first time mother, she faced a lot of challenges that then inspired her to pursue knowledge in breastfeeding and motherhood. Which from there has led her to the birth of Bondahaven. 

Suit the name best, Bondahaven is a true heaven for bonda's (mothers) ー especially a young mother like me. If you're in my shoes, you know the difficulties of going through the confinement on your own, then you will really appreciate this center as much as I do. Not just the best place for mothers, but for mothers-to-be too! 

You got a center that's ready at their time on consulting and answering your questions and doubts throughout your pregnancy and motherhood when at the same time you can enjoy your 'me-time' here too. Like, it's 2-in-1 babe! 😍

Consultation + Massage = Heavenly Relax

Okay, so you'll be like. What?
Boleh ke pregnant ladies go to spa and have a massage?
Yes you can lovelies! At here you can! Because their therapist are all fully trained from before they even launched this spa. 

I knew long time enough, that there's the existence of pregnant women massage. But, it's not suggested from our elders in our culture these days (might be sebab takut yang tukang urut tu tak pakar and knowledgeable enough kan and they afraid something might happen to the baby maybe?) 

To know that, at here you can have your massage at the time you needed the most (which is your pregnancy period) is definitely need to be in your wish list tau! I know how painful backaches are during that time. Please jangan tak nak mengaku. And sometimes when you ask your hubby to help you massage, macam tak rasa je kan? Because they too afraid to give you massage due to our condition. So, ladies yang pregnant tu. THIS IS THE TIME😂

And for mommy like me, why I like this spa a lot? I have put them in point form (just so that you can thank me later🙊

  1. Waiting Room
  2. Calm & Relaxing ambience
  3. Clean & Spacious
  4. Polite, Mannered & Well-Trained therapists
  5. Nursing Room complete with breast pump and steriliser
  6. Surau/Musolla
  7. Type of massage rooms to choose from (traditional on floor/on bed)
Let me 'take' you there visually ya😘
From the entrance, you will see this lovely table at just the right place in this spa with that beautiful flowery table motive decorated with their lovely staff standing there welcoming you with their smile😍

From the reception desk, you will see these comfy sofa for the waiting area.

When seated at the sofa, on your left side you will see a TV that will plays all the recorded 'magic words' from the founder. 
And at the back there you can see a door to a Waiting Room.

Inside the Waiting Room, 
there's sofa, TV (YouTube + Netflix 🙊) 
while your children can play next to your hubby with no worries

they have play mat + toys + play pretend tent ready!

 See how bad I need my 'me-time'
My baby has been having 3 days fever as her upper part tooth just come out. 
(We have been having our 2 hours sleep for that 3 days in a row, so yeah)

Okay, now after sending your 'babies' off, you can start to enjoy your time fully guided by their friendly therapist.

For me, as I'm so excited having to heard about the breastfeeding massage in a such quintessential spa, without thinking more I choose the Bondahaven Breastfeeding Massage at the price of RM199 for 90 minutes that includes Foot Soak.

After registered your name, therapists will ask you to change your shoes to theirs. And you will have a complimentary fresh brewed tea too (which you can choose before or after treatment). 

Not fancy with tea? Don't worry, they have bird nest drinks from FG Walit in cold or hot with just Rm12 a bottle. 

I had one with Longan and Honey after my treatment. Bird nest too help in boosting mommies milk ya! (Selain daripada gives you the collagen hehe)

After changing my shoes, I had my foot soak done first💗

Bumped with this cute mommy, Syafiera Yamin enjoying her 'off-mummy-time' too hehe. 

Your foot will be soak in a warm water for not less than 5-10 minutes before you start your massage. 

Ladies Room/Wash Room

Okay, If you guys happen to have the treatment during the praying time, you guys can perform your prayer at here too. They provide telekung too, jangan risau lah! It's few steps away from their ladies room. 

Once I stepped in their room areas, June the therapist explained that in the room I entered have 2 types to be choosen from. 

One is traditionally on the floor.

The other one is on the bed. 

Disposable panty, kain sarong, kain batik and shower cap are prepared too.

She explained more, this is to ease pregnant ladies more as some prefer to lay on bed during the massages as they find it might be difficult for them to lay on the floor. 

During the treatment, June explained to me on the point she massaged me and with what type of oil is used. What I really like most, they use essential oil and lotion for this massage as this will absorb more deep down inside our skin.  

After finished with the treatment, June asked if I want a hot towel to wipe my body off (but she did not suggest me to wash my body off for 2 hours time as that might wash away the goodness) along with my bird nest drink now or later at outside. I had it right after the massage in their massage room ofc (sebab tenang dia lebih sikit haha) 

June came in with a survey form as well which I think not many spa's do have this feedback form. Finished with that, the therapists are all there to help you if you have any questions to ask them from your food taking to your conditions. 

After finished and waiting for your bill, at their corner of waiting area; you can find your motherhood needs.

This is the complimentary tea. It's RM32 per jar. 

From mother to be must-have kit,

to baby stuffs,

 to mothers need,

And mothers life-saviour kit ofc 🙊

Next to the accessories wall, you will find a room with a blue chair where you can breastfeed your baby here peacefully. 
They completely provide you with a pillow, baby support pillow, breast pump and

a steriliser (Haenim lagi tau😍)

To conclude, you'll get everything here + you can always book the doctor for any consultation too!

Before going back, make sure you don't leave anything behind okay especially anak anak and husband dalam waiting room tu! Hahaha who knows. Happy sangat lepas dapat me-time kan. Terus balik haha.

Okay, with this I'm happy to share with you 15% OFF when you come here and mention my name : 

Cakaplah macam macam mana. As long you mention my name, terus dapat 15% off nanti tau! Hehe. Don't thanks me. Good things are meant to be shared okay mommies😘

Thank you Juna for your service. I had a really peaceful time here massaged by you. And seriously, after I reach home, 2 hours after. Terus melimpah limpah susu. The massage seems to work on me Alhamdulillah. 

Last but not least. My verdict for this Spa :
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Highly recommended. 

Bondahaven - Your Breastfeeding Specialist & Spa
Phone : 03-8912 2221 


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