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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

Huggies is now the New Fastest Absorbing Diaper Pants in Malaysia!

Hi, Assalamualaikum everyone🙋
I have good news (esp to parents) to share with you on today's post. We all know the most challenging part
about having children or baby of your own is their growth journey. After giving birth to them, the most most
most important thing that every parent should learn/take note of is their diapers. 

Yet, we have too many of them on todays market and you will go on with,

'Should I try each one of the brands to my baby? 
Will my baby skin be okay with it? 
How does the absorption; can it afford to stand my baby's need?'

Other than ofc, your worrying on your tight budget as you know how they keep growing so fast in a blink of
an eye right? So, you will think. Is it worth it to invest in so many brands though? Right?

Fret not, as one of the most trusted brands in Malaysia since our old days; Huggies has now come back
with the new technology that will help your 90% worries parents.
This time 3X BETTER!
S suits for 4-8 kg with 66+4 pieces diapers. Click HERE to know more.

Huggies now introduces their all new Rapid Absorb Huggies Dry Pants that absorb wetness instantly to keep your baby's

gentle skin dry and comfortable at most of times!

On top of that, the new Pants comes with 1,000 Fast Absorbing Micro Holes!
Meaning that, with their unique Rapid Absorb Technology incorporates 1,000 micro holes
for a very instant absorption than you will ever realize!

Another reason why you should consider having this for your baby is the new 5-way Comfort Fit
that give the best fit for your baby with enhanced stretch and elasticity . This is designed specially
for Huggies Dry Pants to comfortably fit in 5 most concern areas - waist at tummy, waist at back,
both legs and not to forgot the crotch. 

Yes, price is one of the most common issue in parents nowadays. But, do you know that by giving
the one not suits your baby can effect their growth and yours too? If you happen to choose the wrong
diaper that will affect your baby's skin to become more sensitive, then more time, focus and financial
needed to cure them back and you might not be able to give them their fun in growing time back
without any worries. 

Best is to try them first for your baby as you won't even lose anything if its good for them. You might
fall in love with this Huggies New Pants like me too! No reasons to not like them - greatest technology that help parents and it comes in pants! What can parents other wish be like?

M suits for 6-12 kg with 60+4 pieces diapers. Click HERE to know more.

L suits for 9-14 kg with 50+2 pieces diapers. Click HERE to know more.

XL suits for 12-17 kg with 42 pieces diapers. Click HERE to know more.

XL suits for 15-25 kg with 32 pieces diapers. Click HERE to know more.

Get one yours now today at 

I know, thanks me later mommies !😘


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