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Bring back your Youthful & Luminous Skin with Safi Youth Radiance

Hi AssalamualaikumšŸ™‹
You know since my age this year enters 25 and with two beautiful kids, I oftenly forgot how to pamper my skin like I used to. There are times that I feel like I need a magic bottle that can work things out on my face and it's just so happen that I'm lucky enough to bumped with Safi all new babies š†‘ Safi Youth Radiance!

This time around Safi promises to bring back our missing youthful & luminous skin with their all new range of Safi Youth Radiance that comes with Saffron Gold Technology and benefits of Premium Saffron Extract & Nano Gold. These two ingredients too together with Beetox and Lipo Vit-C are all that you need in the all new anti-aging and whitening range of them. 

As a muslim main concern and Halal queries, I'm no longer doubting with Safi Research Institute as the world's advanced Halal Skincare and Safi Youth Radiance range too are dermatology tested and free from below : 

  ❌ Mineral Oils   ❌ Animal Testing   ❌ Paraben   ❌ Alcohol

Safi Youth Radiance comes in two range : 

g   I too grew up knowing that Safi is among the trusted brands and thus when I bumped into this new range I just couldn't get my hands off them and been wanting to try them. Let me take you to take a closer look on why you should have them in your makeup shelf starting today. 

This essense is what I need the most as it comes with 24K Nano Gold, Premium Saffron Extract, Beetox & Lipo Vitc-C. Saffron Extract is one of the best anti-aging that can improve skin complexion too is the answer to my skin problem. As I tried them on, I can immediately feels that my skin locks all the moist that its need and automaticly restore my old skin suppleness, softness and hydration thanks to one of the important ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid. Apart from giving back my skin youthful bounce back, this too slowly brigthen up my skin back and I no longer feel dull and naked anymorešŸ˜

With Lipo Vit-C that helps to fight free radicals and skin damage from UV and pollutant exposure, I now can just sit back and let they do the magic to lighten up my skin. 

With this one bottle of essense, you'll get :

• *3X Antioxidant Power
• **6X Moisture Power
• Instant Hydration 130%
*Combination of 3 ingredients
**Combination of 6 ingredients
PRICE RM 55.90 (100ML)

As its essense, Safi Youth Radiance Serum Infused Moisturiser too comes with the same premium ingredients from 24K Nano Gold, Premium Saffron Extract, Beetox & Lipo Vit-C . As I spread them on my skin, a very visible difference from other serums is that this to be appear more non-oily, non-sticky fast absorbed and very ligthweight as if you wear nothing on your skin!  Upon applying this serum to my skin, I can feel that the cream serum changed into water droplets moisture that thus make my skin more softer, moisturized with a velvety smooth skin finishing. This serum too I find that it helps to improve my uneven skin tone, fine lines & dullness. 

Yes, do not be shock. I'm 25, I have fine lines, uneven skin tones and dullness here and there. 
But now, I got no worry with Safi Youth Radiance !

With this one bottle of serum, you'll get :
                                                 **280 Instant Moisture Boost                                               

• **72 Hours Moisture Retention

• ***20% Saffron Power-Moist-B5 Complex
• *92.5% Stronger Skin Barrier
• **75% Improved Skin Brightening
• **67% Improved Skin Elasticity
*In-vitro test  **Clinical Test
**Combination of Saffron, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, humectant

PRICE RM 55.90 (40G)

SAFI YOUTH RADIANCE is now available in WATSONS, GUARDIAN and AEON WELLNESS nationwide. For further information and to know the latest promotion from SAFI, log on to the official Facebook website at and official SAFI instagram at


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