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Hi Assalamualaikum 🙋
In this post today, I would like to share with you guys one service that most people overlook at. Translators and Interpreter.  How far you know the importance of a translator or interpreter is? You see, if ever happens that you come across with a foreigner that is completely need a hand and they are not fluent with our mother tongue (bahasa melayu) or just too in love with their mother tongue, to who you need to refer to? Interpreter it is. Interpreter is a person who can speak one (or more) language to another - which we malaysian people normally called as translator. While a translator is someone who can translate documents from one (or more) language to another. 

While I am at this topic, I would like to share with you guys one that I known KL Best Rated Japanese-English-Malay Translator YK愛 Translation & Proofread company. 

The japanese translator is a graduates with N1 JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) , over 6 years of experience living in Japan and also a lifetime Certified Translator from Malaysian Translation Association (MTA) .

 Certified Translator from  Malaysian Translation Association (MTA).

Not only Translation and Interpreter, proofread too is one of their thing. No minimum pages are required. Even a paragraph they still accept the job too. 

Now, everything can be done at your fingertips. No more meet up and hassle free. You can just leave them a message or email them your documents and they will revert you back a quotation. Once everything is confirmed, they will start their job (real quick) and revert you back with the translation done. Who would have thought a professional service now is so hassle free unlike the old days right?

This translation company accepts clients either from Malaysia or abroad and most of the clients are satisfied with the very fast and efficient service given. 

Click HERE to see more testimony from real clients. 

If you wish to get your documents endorsed (stamp) by the Malaysian Translation Association for legal purposes, this company offers to help you with it too with a very reasonable charge. But, if you wish to have only proofreading service or a translation service too they are all ready. 

Either you need help in Japanese or English or even Malay , they can do the job for you in no time. 
Visit their page today or email them to get their best quotation the best in Kuala Lumpur.

You can email them at


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