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Bila kawan dari Beijing datang Malaysia... (Part 1)


So. this is my first entry since this blog has been created back then (for academic purposes kononnya). haha. I'm really not that good in telling people stories but this one I have to share with you.

Last week, on 11th November 2016. Kawan saya dari Beijing datang ke Malaysia (which I never ever met her before) . Tu diaaa. Berani sangat jumpa kawan dari negara china yang tak pernah jumpa langsung or even video call kan. haha.

Jadi, ramailah bertanya (termasuk parents sendiri) Mana hang kenai budak cina tu? Cina betul tu. Boleh percaya ke? Dah berapa lama kawan dengan dia? Pernah jumpa ke tak? Tak takut ka dia culik hang pi juai mana mana? LOL. Like seriously ofc lah takut and all the possibilities could happened to me. But, here's a thing. Kau kan ada Dia. Dia jaga kau. Jadi, tak perlu nak risau sangat lah (sikit-sikit cukuplah kan. banyak lagi benda lain yang kena risaukan aih)

How I met the Beijing Girl and How it all started?

I'm an English student at some local-private university Selangor here lah cerita dia. And you know as an English student, I want to practice my english lah kan. So, back then I did signed up to few online learning websites lah. Tapi...tapi...tapi... I forgot the name of the website where I met my friend ni lah kan. And from there, I met this Beijing girl (macam penpal gituh). She was around 16/17 the time I knew her on last 2012. From that learning website, we moved to something yang easier sikit nak chat (bajet teror english) . So, we chat through WeChat. Haaah. Kenapa WeChat? Sebab orang cina memang guna WeChat. Dia tak guna apps lain sangat. They will support their own products (semangat kenegaraan yang sgat teramat tinggi sikit ni. haha) I did installed QQ Chat, but then since all in chinese (and i cannot even paham sepatah haram pon, I uninstalled it).

This was wayyy back then tahun 2012 where we had our chat. Susah nak faham apa yang di nak sampaikan sesungguhnya. hmm

So, we chat through WeChat. Alaaah. Macam WhatsApp jugak, tapi ye lah. Dekat Malaysia ni yang guna WeChat ni yang (uneducated sikit. eh. betul ke? sorry kalau salah) - this is a reminder to myself too. haha. 

Dia nampak sangat innocent and baik lah kan. That's why I be friend with her. Duhhh *flips hair-walaupun hair tak tau lepas ke tak nak flips ke kan.whatever. haha*

From there we always had a chat and I swear. Back then, her English is something no one can understand at all! You want to know why? Because negara like China, Korea and Jepun. They are so proud of their mother tongue language tau. So, that's why lah. And for chinese people, English is really hard for them kalau tak belajar dari kecik. Sebab lidah tak sampai nak sebut few words. Alaah sama je mcm orang melayu. 2X5 je . haha. 

So, I did told her back then, 

'If you want us to meet in future and talk a lot. Make sure you master your English. And by the time we meet up, we can talk a lot!'
'Okay' she said. 

Bercita-cita nak jumpa each other 

So, as we be friend, we have a cita-cita to meet each other. But then, my parents are not that type yang bagi anak-anak dia travel alone. Dalam Malaysia pon tak, ni lagi ke negara China sana nun tu. So, cita-cita hanyalah tinggal cita-cita. Hahaha.

She said, she will try to come and find me one day and visit Malaysia (sesungguhnya dia suka travel ke negara orang sana sini haha)

Why Malaysia awak?

Haaah. So, I asked her. Why Malaysia? Rupa-rupanya negara kita ni selalu lah ada dalam education system diorang (especially negeri Melaka and Penang tu lah kan). The baba nyonya? And ofc, because there's me. Her only Malaysian friend. Jadi, itu membuatkan dia bersemangat lebih sikit nak visit sini. And also sebab currency kita lagi tinggi dari depa nu haa. 

How long we have been friend?

Haaah. Soalan cepu mas sangat teramat sangat. We know each other almost 5 years (eventough we don't really text each other mcam bestfriend. Yeah. 5 tahun) Jadi, cuba kau bayangkan betapa nervous iolls nak jumpa dia first time ritu time fetch dia dkat klia2. perghhhh. hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu. Kot baik ke buruk ke. haah. tanggung sendiri. hahaha

Alhamdulillah, she is a nice person.

D-day has come people! Brace yourself!

I took a half day leave from my work because her flight touch down sini dalam pukul 4.00 petang. As I waited for her to come out from the arrival tempat. I was really nervous sakit perut semua lah kan. Macam menanti kekasih hati haah gitu. 

It was around 4.00 pm and I waited for her dengan penuh nervous here. haha

And finally she's here around 4.30 pm and we had our first greetings macam dah pernah jumpa 5 tahun lepas. haha. Since dia tak makan lagi at Singapore (she stayed at Singapore for 5 days before coming here. Oh, dia travel sorang sorang okay) .... So, macam manakah muka dia?

Meet Cc. My online-no longer online friend ❤

She was so hungry and it was a quick introduction and so I brought her to Wendy's. haha. 
'Hamburger. I want to eat hamburger only.'

And that blue bag, was a gift from Guilin. She bought it for me. Awww (and I didn't buy her anything hahaha)

We then straight away go to the place where she booked for 3 days 2 night (rasanya), which is Awesome Cyberjaya Clubhouse. Sangat awesome. View dia je lah tapinya yang awesome. haha

Haah kan dah cakap, view dia awesome😉

This is the cheapest lah to compare with the others. sebab dia macam hostel yang dormitory concept mcam tu. Harga semalam pon tak mahal sangat. Worth it lah untuk kawan kawan foreigners tu kan yang nak macam countryside golf side view sikit kan. So, boleh try google lah ya. 

Hall area dia which menghadap pool dia.

Toilet / Washroom 

Pantry / Kitchen space

And this is how the room looks like. So, boleh share dengan orang lain juga. Best untuk those yang nak backpacking style tu kan. 

After we have finished to put her things at the dorm, saya bawak dia jalan-jalan dekat IOI City Mall Putrajaya and introduced her to some Malaysia 'night view' . Tourist kan. Dia mesti nak tengok view macam mana rakyat (not rakyat lah haha) orang malaysia punya lifestyle. 

'Why Malaysia's cosmetics is so cheap to compare with China? And also Singapore? I buy a lot from the duty free store at Singapore☹'

'This is so cute! But, expensive a bit' HAHAHA Cc. 

And I asked her to try my favourite takoyaki store - Tako Boat. 
And I ordered all 3 flavours. Wasabi, Original and Spicy. 
'This taste so much better than China! It is my first time to try the takoyaki with wasabi and it's really delicious!' 

'This store is in Malaysia too? I like this brand a lot!'
It's Monkl btw. 

And so, that's how the story ends......


Wait for the part 2 ya! More exciting stories and experiences that I would like to share here! 


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  1. It's really nice if you have friend from other country, you an exchange information, learn their culture, and you can show Malaysian culture to them as well.