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Bila kawan dari Beijing datang Malaysia... (Part 2)

Oh ohh hi people,

I know like not many people actually read this. But, I still want to write down all those memories I had with my friend Cc.

Well, this is my second to actually meet up my Chinese friend from China actually. I did met one early this year from Chengdu. I should just draw a map of the whole China and pin up my list of friends from there I guess. Hahaha.

So, I did told you that Cc travelled here for her first time and it tooks her for about 3 days 2 nights here (my house area to be exact). Basically, I don't like to walk nor go out hanging out at the city. I prefer to stay home eat and sleep. Literally. But then, ye lah. Kawan kau dah datang jauh jauh kan. Tak kan nak duduk rumah je kan. Here's what we did (on our second day as what we have not planned yet. hahaha).

Morning can never go right without a good breakfast!

Actually, it's me. My day wouldn't go right without foods. Good foods I mean. Unlike me, Cc actually eats a bit more less than me. Or I should say I eat a lot than her? haha. We supposed to go to Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru that morning because I wanted to bring her attending my friend's wedding (Hi Nadzmy! Sorry that I couldn't make it on your big day☹ Dah planned, tapi ayah tak bagi kan. Sobs sobs). Unfortunately, my dad didn't allow us to go there since it will take us like 4 hours to reach batu pahat kan. And we are all ladies. And some more dia dari abroad kan. Karang apa apa hal terjadi dekat anak orang, I'm dead - daddy said. So, we changed our plan that we have planned (last night) later that morning. 

Our morning started as I fetch her at her hotel in Cyberjaya. Hotel yang awesome tu. Yang view dia sangat awesome tuu yang dalam post sebelum ni tu.. Haah. I fetch her there. And since I'm not familiar with cyberjaya punya area. I brought her to Bangi for breakfast. Di manakah jjcm pergi pagi itu?

Tadaaa! We went to Restoran D'Limau Nipis, Seksyen 8, Bandar Baru Bangi and she ordered her Limau Nipis Special for drinks. 

Muka yang jelas terpancar kebahagiaan apabila dapat makan makanan tradisional Malaysia. 

'I want to try Malaysia traditional foods. What they eat early morning.'
'This rice smells delicious!'
After one bite, 
'I really love this! I don't think I can have this in China. I will miss this a lot later!'

Ofc lah Cc. It's Malaysia's foods lah. How can ada dekat sana pulak kan? (Unless orang malaysia gigih masak dekat sana lah kan)

She took a whole wing chicken, with one bergedil (which she really loves that), one egg and sambal with half nasi lemak. 
Guess how much this cost? 
Okay, lambat. 
That breakfast of hers' was actually RM7.50 (okay boleh lah decide sendiri mahal ke murah kan) but to her, it's cheap. To her lah. Not to me. haha

And as we had our breakfast, we discussed on where and what to do that day (because I really didn't know where to bring her jalan-jalan to KL.) Jadi, malam tu dia dah Google siap-siap bagitau nak pergi mana esoknya (hari ni). 
As I saw these, I was like...
Apakah? Di manakah? Jalan Perdana? Ada apa dekat situ? 
(pardon the lame me, I was born and raised in Johor okay)

Okay, Ini boleh terima lagi. Nasib tahu mana BB. 
Phewww (lap peluh sikit)

Ni pon ✔
Well, I know this place. 
But, how to go there is a BIG problem.
(continue sweating)

Okay. Ni serious. Ni serious. I was like, 
Kat mana ni? Ada apa dekat sini? Dah lah tak faham tulisan tu kan. 
It was at Dataran Merdeka rupanya. (HAHAHA)

Jadi, untuk menyelamatkan diri dan keadaan kita (especially me). I decided to go to KL by Uber with her. Since it was weekend. Dah cuti sekolah pulak kan. So, yeah. I parked my car at my house area and called an Uber. Jadi, locationnya adalah daripada Bangi ke KLCC. 

Let's see how much it cost us. 

Okay kot. Ya think?

First - KLCC ✔

We reached KLCC like an hour after that kot. So, 11am ++ we reached there. Basically, I'm not a fond of KL City. And I have no idea what they have at there. Jadi, bayangkan lah. Me the clueless friend, became the tour guide. It was out of my beyond. Hahaha. We did pretty much nothing there. But, she did tried the Durian Crepe that she always wanted to. 

She was extremely delighted to have that Durian Crepe. 
'This is so good! China has this too, but Malaysia's tastes better!'

And where else people go when it comes to the Twin Tower of Kuala Lumpur kan, ofc lah take the pictures of it. 

Gigih kan nak cari angle. 
This is the behind the scene of every good picture you see. Hahaha

So, from KLCC dia nak pergi pusing satu KL. That must-visited places she Googled. Lain planned, lain yang jadinya. Hahaha. Kesian dia.

'I want to go to Petaling Street, Jalan Raja, Bukit Bintang. Can you please bring me there?'
How? I asked with a blur face. Sebab I never go there jalan kaki. Penuh cemas je tanya dia soalan tu. 
'By foot! We walk! It's just nearby here according to my phone. Only like 800m.'
Trust me. I fainted the time she said that. Pfffft
Sorry, I'm not a sport person. I prefer car than walking. Literally. Seriously. I mean it. 

And I did not know what awaits me that whole day I was with her. Well, siapa tahu kan. haha
Lepas KLCC, pergi mana entah. Haah. We took the LRT ke KTM bawah tu pergi ke KL Central. Sebab KL Central macam one whole stop kan. You see, I really had a bad experienced naik this LRT or KTM ni (which I prefer not to tell yet). So, after we rode on that thing. My face like literally showed that I was nervous and did not feel safe at all. And guess what Cc told me?

'Are you afraid? Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. We will be safe.'

I laughed at that very moment. Hahaha. Terus rasa selamat sikit sebab ada orang yang aku boleh rely on. Though I did not know her much. But, yeah. Better than alone kan. 

Second - Central Market (CM) ✔

We arrived there around 12pm ++ . She was so happy (which my face was not at that time. Because I only went there like twice! Menyeramkan okay anak dara keluar berdua. Hahaha) I suddenly felt that I was a foreigner too because I don't even remember much about going there. 

She hold her bagpack macam ada orang follow dia nak pick pocket dia je (which was not) . Haha comel je. Then she said, 
'I want to buy a headscarf like you. But, a black color. 
Can you help me find it here? I think it's more safe to wear headscarf (tudung) like you. 
Especially in black. I want black. '

Okay Cc. Let's go! 

At first we walked down the middle of the CM tu. Yang macam bazaar tu kan. Then we went inside (because it was too hot outside which I almost nak kena migraine - apa jenis tour guide daa)

We did saw one kedai that sells out a black chiffon shawl that caughted her attention. Tersenyum lebar dia dekat situ try shawl tu. She tried it, and one of the guy yang menjual dekat situ laughed at her. Apa lagi, I stared at him lah dengan berkerut. 

Apa masalah dia pakai shawl?

So, this is why that guy stared at him : 
  1. She wore a dress ( a knee length dress)
  2. She is literally a chinese with a golden hair coloured
  3. She has a tattoo at back of her leg 
Typical orang yang duduk Malaysia I guess. Let these people try diam diam boleh? Don't be too judgy and racist okay. Islam welcomes all. Hish. 

We decided to look at other place which cheaper because I believe we can get more cheaper. Hahaha. The chiffon shawl we saw at CM was RM20. And I said, we could get more cheaper at Jalan Masjid Jamek (which then I regretted to sugget it. Because we have to walk there okay!)

Jalan-jalan-jalan sampailah ke Masjid Jamek. We managed to get that chiffon shawl for RM10. Jimat RM10. hahaha. Jalan lagi okay. No stop stop. Jadinya, next place was...

Third - Dataran Merdeka ✔

From Masjid Jamek tu kan, we walked to Dataran Merdeka for almost 20 minutes kot. ke half an hour. Lupa dah banyak sangat berjalan haa. Then, ofc before jumpa dataran merdeka tu kita jumpa KTM Station yang lama tu kan. 

And she was really excited to see that. And asked me about the history (gosh! My history was B okayyyy. Only my Britains History was an A) 

'Is this the Independence Place?'
Me : Yes (confident itu penting)

As I walked to the front more, I just realised that the building was not the Dataran Merdeka punya building. Hahaha. And I said, 

Sorry Cc. I did not remember the history of this building. 
'But, don't you learnt this at your school? Your country history building?'
DUSHHHH! Kena setempek. Hahaha

And I explained that the building was the KTM punya building which then jadi mahkamah and now tgah renovate nak jadi muzium (entah betul ke tak, yang penting she believed in me haha)

Tadaaa! Okay, this time she went to the ladies. I sat at the middle of the dataran alone while I saw many tourist from China came there. Tengok gelagat diorang. 
(Banyak kan bus? Tu semua dari China okay)

As I waited for her, suddenly a group of Chinese people asked me to help them took a picture. I did. And after that, they was like ...

'Xi xie ni ah'
Bu yong ke chi ah (entah macam mana tulis pinyin ni)

Sekali tak sampai 5 minit duduk. Ada orang dari group tadi datang pulak...

'Ni she Malaya-ren or zhonggua-ren?'
And confidentnya aku jawab, 
Bu shi de. Wo shi malaya-ren de. 

Terus diorang cakap mandarin. Mintak izin nak selfie rupanya hahaha. 

So, habis dah ambil gambar dekat tengah-tengah panas terik tu, kitorang jalan and jumpa Muzium Musik Malaysia (which that was my first time to know its existance! hahaha)

'Where's Malaysia National Museum?'
I have no idea Cc. 

This is the late of P.Ramlee. Malaysia's famous veteran musician. 
Haah terus ada feel nak jadi tour guide. Hahaha

Ada lah akak dekat counter registration tu pandang gelak gelak kan sebab tadi Cc tanya and I couldn't answered her. Hahaha

'Dari mana dia ni?'
China kak. 
'Oh, jadi awak tour guide dia ya? Tak kan awak tak tahu Muzium Negara dekat mana?'
HA HA HA . Akak, saya baru dua kali datang Dataran Merdeka ni. KL pon saya jarang pusing.

Then akak tu explained dekat dia dekat mana National Musuem tu. Nasib dia tak request nak pergi. Kalau tak, pengsan. Hahahaha. 

Fourth - Masjid Negara (National Mosque) ✔

'Next, let's go to National Mosque!'

Amboii semangatnya Cc ni cakap. And trust me, I have no idea berapa jauh that time. Sebab cara dia cakap tu macam dekat je bunyi dia Masjid Negara tu. And yes, tak sampai 4 kali I've been there pon. 

As we reached there, dari Dataran Merdeka ya. Dataran Merdeka. Jalan kaki terus ke Masjid Negara... Perasaan dia time tu. Hanya Tuhan sahaja yamg tahu. Hahaha. I cannot even feel my leg. Hahaha. So, we reached there around 4.30pm. 

Subhanallah. Cantiknya...

Seronok je Cc ni sampai masjid. 

5 minit kemudian...
 hujan sudah 😞

And baru tahu, rupanya masjid negara ni ada waktu tertentu dia untuk non-muslim visit. So, the time starts at 5.30pm. Sebab penat sangat kan, and dia pon tak boleh masuk masjid lagi. We waited dekat tepi masjid ni sampai 5.30pm. 

'Can I wear the headscarf that I buy just now? 
I think it's better to wear it right. I want to wear it too like you!'

While she was ambil angin masjid ni yang sayup-sayup ni. I literally fell asleep for like 20 minutes. Hahaha. Sesungguhnya I was a dead tired that whole morning okay. 

Bangun bangun dah 5.30pm. And she was so excited masuk dalam masjid tu pakai jubah. And she was like, 

' Can I keep on wearing my own headscarf inside?'
Sure dear😉

Haaah. Macam mualaf kan? Tergoda kan? (dia lah ofc not sebelah dia tu) Hahaha

And she was like, 
'I don't want to take picture in front of the door (tengah tengah masjid)
I don't think its polite. Let's take outside here'

We waited there sampai maghrib sebab habis jalan tu dah pukul 6.40pm. So, alang alang menyeluk pekasam. Tunggu lah maghrib. 


At night, my friend Cc craved for this famous foods in Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang which I had no idea where it's located. So, from Masjid Negara. We walked to the Petaling Street to find this restaurant which at first we thought was at Petaling Street. Lol. Hahaha. 

Off we go until...

We actually got lost for a while because I didn't know the way to the Petaling Street. hahaha. So, we decided to ask the people at the KTM Station (because I thought, why don't we take the KTM to the Petaling Street kan?) Sekali, bila tanya orangtu gelakkan daaa~~ Pfffft. 

So what if I didn't know the way around at the KL? Tak baik betul orang tu. Nasib Cc tak faham bahasa melayu. hahaha.

Excuse her for being too excited about our oldest railway station.

Pose sekejap! 😉

After we reached Petaling Street, only we realized that the famous restaurant that she's craving for is located at Bukit Bintang (dengan aku aku mcam tourist dah tak tahu kat mana bukit bintang haha)

From Petaling Street, we decided to took an Uber sebab serious we are a dead tired. I can no longer feel my leg (me everytime i walk more than 10 minutes. haha) It wasn't that far actually, if you take a car ofc. So, below are the cost of us from Petaling Street to Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. 

This uber driver is really good I must say. Terkejut dia mcm mana budak Beijing travel sini dgan kawan melayu yang first time dia jumpa. Nak pergi restaurant cina pulak tu. Hahaha

To celebrate her coming here, I tried my best to show her places she wanted to go (eventhough not much) . So, the kedai is...

Wong Ah Wah, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang.

Memang famous kedai ni. Serious talk. Kedai dia, 3 kedai tahuu. Masuk kedai tu ada banyak gambar owner tu chef tu dengan famous chinese artists from China. Patut lah kedai ni famous sampai ke negara China. So, this kedai famous with its fried chicken and seafood menus. Jadi, I entered the restaurant with her. Which ofc the whole restaurant was looking at me from head to toe because I'm the only malay muslim in there. And I wore jubah ya. Hahaha. 

 She had this noodles I think.

And she ate satay. Satay kambing dengan daging tau. And this satay was made from malay people that sells outside. Alhamdullillah. Ada jugak makanan yang boleh dimakan. Hahaha

And their famous delicacy here, the drumstick. 

Sumpah nampak tantalizing. Nasib iman kuat, makan nugget beli tepi jalan time beli dekat Masji Jamek petang tadi. Hahaha. Beriya lah Cc nak orderkan ayam ni because all she know was Muslim cannot eat pork and drink alcohol. So, I told her few more things and the reason why I cannot eat at that restaurant with her. After the thrid time, she concluded ;

' Now I understand, Muslim cannot eat pork, drink alcohol and eat foods that are made by Non-Muslim right?'
I nodded to show my aggreement to her understanding. Alhamdulillah. Even though, Cc is an atheist. She told me that in her country, Guilin. People are not wajib to have a religion until they are grown up at least at the age of 14. So, now. She is still learning all the religions that ever exist in this world and I'm glad that she think Islam is a good religion and so do others. 

We then rushed back to home from there around 9.00pm and ofc we called an Uber. You can't expect me to walk right? Like seriously? Ha ha ha. No way. Not anymore. 

That's the total. And p/s , dia salah waze alamat rumah. 
So, I had to show him the way. Hahaha

And so, that's how the story end for our Day 2 Trip with the not-certified tourguide, me.

Not really actually, I sent her back to her hotel. Around 10.15pm later that night. So, yeah. That's how the 2nd day ended. 

Wait for the part 3 pula ya! More exciting stories and experiences that I would like to share here! 


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