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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

Husband was mad at me because of Ticino Paris

Assalamualaikum 🙋
So, this time post is about my husband getting mad at me. Hmm
Yes. You read it right! This time post is a serious matter of me and my husband.
Like literally. 
No joke. 



Last weekend me and my husband went for his reunion (so-called) with his batch mates from Japan back then somewhere at Shah Alam. And yes, ofc people was talking about how he has change (physically) after we got married and been asking who's the one that pregnant actually here? 😂

Okay. So, here's a picture of my husband with his friends at that day. 

Well, a happy tummy shows a happy life I supposed? Hahaha. No worrries abang, we will soon get our look back right after #babyYK safely delivered insyaAllah *finger cross* . 
P/s : cepatlah aminkan! 

Afterwards, we planned to have a date at a nearby shopping mall, Setia City Mall. Don't be too surprise but that was my first time to go there actually. As we walked in the mall, I suddenly felt attracted to this one unique (for me but I'm sure you will say the same thing too) shop. The smell of the shop as we passed by it attracted me a lot and the shop concept makes me suddenly stop in front of it. 

Just look at this shop! I mean, how can it not makes you stop? It's just so a whole new concept of a perfume bar shop. Okay, just let me give you the much better closer look first. 
See? Those bottles are actually filled with perfumes that you can choose from!
Okay, I admit that I was dragging my husband here which at first he was like giving me a so so reaction. 

And since I'm pregnant and quite sensitive with perfumes, I have to asked for my husband help to choose the best perfume for me (Aha! And at this time only you can test your partner knowledge and sense on how well he knows you! This is the time ladies! 😎 HAHAHA) 

We have been attended personally by one of the person in charge in this bar perfume here namely called Desmond (and he really help us a lot!) Well, my husband is not that really picky actually in choosing his perfume. Since he's the type of just wear any perfume that he smells great and that's it. But, ofc the major important thing is how long the perfume can last long as we both work in an air conditioned room space. 

So, what basically Desmond told us is about that there's a fact that there are 3 levels in fragrance concentration - Eau De Cologne (EDC) which lasts up to a maximum of 2 hours, Eau De Toilette (EDT) which lasts up to 4 hours and Eau De Parfum (EDP) which lasts up to 6 hours. And and and, TICINO PARIS last much longer up to 8 hours in an in-door condition, much higher than the common industry standards. Yeay! Like ofc we are searching for the long lasting EDP's right? 

With over 40 types of quality EDP at their bar perfume, you can free yourself to choose the perfect smell for you. And why did I said so? Because it doesn't just smell great but the price are highly recommended as it's very reasonable! You can have different types of perfumes in a month now and you can save your money too!

Starting from ONLY RM129 for a 17ml, how can you say no right?


Yup, my husband started to eye on me because I started to asked questions to this friendly sales executive girl. Because you know, he's afraid that I'm going to spend his money again. HAHA

My husband tried his best to describe the type of perfume that he's fond of to Desmond.

Yeay! My husband managed to find the smell that he's into with 😍
But wait abang, where's mine? 😡
Yeay! For me!

And this is how well they'll pack for you! 
A lovely quote comes along together in the box which
 will help you on where's the best spot you should put your perfume at your body. 

So, yeah. What makes my husband mad was that after he get our's the two bottles, I cannot just simply stop my eyes from looking through at all their perfumes! And I just found out that there's a special edition and a will new release perfume soon! LIKE SERIOUSLY! How can I stop right?

This is the special edition, 
called The One For Her and The One For Him that only cost you RM 219 each!

Among of all the perfumes at the bar, I was really like really dying to smell this one and I did! It doesn't even makes me feel dizzy or wanted to throw up. I have no idea how the magic works but I really really like the smell! (With a pity face I looked at my husband and he doesn't really look back at me as he has already holding a bag of perfumes that he choose before) 😭

The One For Her has a unique smell of Bergamot and green tea leaf are the top notes, followed by the heart of mandarin orange, narcissus, rose and lily, settling at the base of amber, musk and exotic wood. And yes, I love green tea a lot! I guess, that's why I fell for the smell 😎😍 

The One For Him has topped with Artemisia, lavender, mandarin orange and mint; middle notes are cyclamen, ginger, sea grass, jasmine, rose, Brazilian rosewood and geranium; base notes are sandalwood, amber, musk, guaiacum wood and cedar.

And it didn't stop there. (Well, a lady always be a lady no matter how big your tummy will be - I mean pregnant. Haha) I saw this one more perfume bar which perfectly placed at the centre of the shop. 

And I saw that little bottle with a cute pink handle there like you do! HAHA. 
And my husband started to give me no no face. HAHAHA

Apparently, Desmond told us this is yet to be released but...BUT BUT BUT, 
This is ANOTHER SPECIAL EDITION as you can custom made the smell by yourself!

The idea at first was to help guys who are in search of a special smell/scent just for their loved ones. By that, guys can come here by themself alone at the bar perfume and make the perfume by their own for their loved ones! Now, you can never lose your loved ones again at a crowded place as only you know her smell that was created by you! Like literally, you will melt if this happens to you. The dream of having a guy to put on his effort to create the one and only smell for you can never go wrong I'm telling you. Just by hearing it by Desmond have already made me smile to ears. HAHA. 

And I was like saying to my husband with a smile, 
"Won't this bottle look good on my makeup table later on? 😉😉😉😉"

And guess his respond was, 

"Nope. I don't think so. This is enough.  Like really enough please"
(while grabbing my hand of from the bottle with a so not supporting face)

Okay. So, Yeah. Emm. Hmm... Well, it has not yet release. So, I'll try my best again once it's release. (I mean coaxing my husband ofc) HAHA! Like me, you need to wait too okay! Just keep your eyes on their newsfeed to know when the exact time and date they will release this unimaginable dream come true perfume. 

And before I end my post, Ticino Paris also sell jewellery and is one of the verified in Malaysia for selling the original Swarovski! My husband should be lucky enough as I'm not that into jewellery but more to foods and yup perfumes. Or else, there goes his monthly salary. Hahaha

From pendants, 

To earings, 

To your own custom made charms bracelet. They have everything you want here! 


And guess what? If you can make it to their nearest location, either at Setia City Mall or The Mines Shopping Centre before this 31st July 2017, 
you can still get the RAYA SPECIAL PROMOTION which is BUY 1 FREE 1!


The most every customer want is, 


What are you waiting for? Head on to their nearest shop outlet or 

Follow them at Instagram : Ticino Paris Instagram
Or their Facebook : Ticino Paris

Thank you Abang for the perfume 😚
Thank you Desmond for your help! 
I'll start to use this once I have safely delivered insyaAllah❤

P/s : Janganlah marah-marah lagi. Tunggu perfume baru keluar nanti kita pergi lagi ya. Tak pon abang belikan and buatkan surprise ya. Sayang janji sayang pura-pura terkejut nanti hahaha😅😂😍🙈


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