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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily


Assalamualaikum πŸ™‹
First and foremost, people must have wondering why suddenly I have free time to make my post right?
Good news is : I'm starting my maternity leave!
🎈  πŸ˜ πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ˆ πŸ˜‡
And the not so good news is : I'm so nervous counting my days to meet up with our #babyYK 
Okay. I know that end of year is nearing us and that means Weddings too!
So, if ever you have friends that going to get hitch by end of this year and
 still searching for a perfect photographer or a videographer. 
This is the right post you have come into!
Who said being a pregnant lady means that you have to stop your activities and 
pamper yourself (or more to like enjoying yourself)? πŸ™ˆ  

Thank you to KAIO STUDIO SHAH ALAM for the very first best experience photoshoot of mine during my peak time as a pregnant lady. So, as a pregnant lady who's at her 37th week and with a big tummy that looks like theres a pillow inside her tummy and kinda like getting hard to move here and there. KAIO STUDIO staffs really helped me during the photoshoot session that I had last weekend. 

Before I start my long story and make it short (if I could and just stop talking much), let me share with you about this well known studio especially in the Wedding niche. 

Okay, same like me. I bet you guys are wondering who behind this successful name right? Okay just stop jaw dropping first and that puzzle look first. Here's a lil bit fact about this owner name. 

  • Anwar Abdullah
  • Graduated in MSU (Hospitality & Tourism)
  • Started his Photography career in 2012 (Wedding Niche)
  • With only more or less than RM5000 he's standing proud behind this KAIO STUDIO
  • Ambassador of ONSMO (Famous lighting photography system which is widely known by other ambassadors such as Saiful Nang, Eddie Putera and Alex Tan)

Anwar Abdullah during his early days as a Photographer to the tourists from all over the world.

Started with the Wedding Niche, I'll let you see how his pictures are all well photographed and that explains well enough why he started with this instead of others 
(well I'm not saying that he is not good in capturing other moments, but in Weddings. 
It's just the perfect time, perfect lighting and perfect skills he have to offer to his clients). 

Be it outdoor,


Or even the on the day event. 
All pictures are well photographed by KAIO STUDIO team 😍

And yes, old people said that good knowledge have to be shared.

Even when he's climbing his ladder of success, he still share his experiences, 
skills and techniques with the students because that is just how he love his job is.


And yes, a photographer should have his hands on with the Designs too right? And guess what, they have all the skills you need here! 

Poster sketch for Kau Takdirku Movie.

Final Poster Design for Kau Takdirku Movie.

Product Brand Photoshoot for Amoura.

Bunting Design for Fatah Cheesekut. 

From students, to weddings and even the artists!

Familiar with the look next to Anuar Abdullah?
It's our all time favourite Ballad King, Anuar Zain 😍 😘

Oh, Hi there Nabil! πŸ™‹ πŸ™Š

KAIO STUDIO is no longer a new name in Photography and Videography services now.

Remember this hot couple,
Shaheizy Sam & Syatilla Melvin?

Almost everything they did became viral and that just show 
how good they are working with these stuffs until it looks perfect πŸ’–

And I bet everyone have watched and fall over for this 
Time Freeze/Mannequin Challenge right?
😏 😍
Theirs are like the pioneer to this wedding video!

Now, how about the photoshoot that I had for my very first in a studio with them? I was curious myself too! Well, since now I'm not at my 'common look' again. Ofc I'm curious. Like, which pregnant lady wouldn't curious about her look on the camera right? (RIGHT?) πŸ™ˆ πŸ˜‚

Okey, let's see from the side first please.
I'm pretty sure I don't look like I gained that much even though I'm at my third semester during this photoshoot right?
Right?πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ˆ

Now let's tilt a bit baby bump.
Say πŸ§€  πŸ™ˆ

Okay, let's talk about how well the photo was taken😍

Not to mentioned how friendly their team was to me. As I'm pregnant. They really helped me a lot during the photoshoot. They guide me and made me look less awkward! They gave me chair while I was waiting for my turn to be photographed. Their complete with props and spacious studio too not to mention is another reason why you should come here!

Did I mentioned that from here, I get to meet and know few more bloggers?
From left, Kak Atie from
Kak Murni from

Thank you KAIO STUDIO for not only giving the best pictures taken, 
but also moments and new friends too! πŸ’‹

How about the makeup? I had the best friendly Makeup Artist on that day thanks to bylinns  πŸ’—  My makeup lasted for more than 5 hours I must say! (Well, because afterwards I had a date with my husband. That's why I said that. Hahaha.)

Let's go to the real Japan and see the real Sakura later with #babyYK ya Abang♡

My Before (left) & After (right) look which I fall for πŸ’

Let's wait for the next post for me to reveal how much I actually spent on my Makeup that day and you could have yours too without braking your piggy bank! 😎

All in all, that day was the most fruitful day that I had and I never regret on it. I met professional photographers team, they taught me very well, made me comfortable enough, and their strategic and easy studio location too is a no worry for you guys to come here!


Address : 1-06 Metia Residence Office, No.5, Persiaran Sukan, Seksyen 13, 
40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
Waze & Google Maps : Kaio Studio
Facebook : Kaio Studio
Instagram : @kaiostudio
YouTube : KaioStudioTV

What are you waiting for? 
I heard they love to give promotions to their customers. 
Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss them out ya!

*P/s : Kindly pray for me and my husband for our #babyYK that soon will be deliver insyaAllah. 
Your sincere pray and thoughts are more than enough for us πŸ™‡ ♡


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