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Durians for Anniversary. You think?

Blessed to Him , Alhamdulillah that last 10th December 2017, 
was my very first anniversary with my husband. 

Before anniversary date approached us, he asked me on what things did I wanted to have since you know, as being a girl (well, siapa tak nak hadiah kan?) πŸ˜‚ So, my husband really is not a romantic type of surprising me thingy. So, he only asked me on what do I want for my anniversary. Name it and he will buy it he said. And duhhh. A lady never want such things right? What we want? Surprise! Yes! Surprise. But, I know I couldn't expect more from my husband since he already admitted that he's not that fancy to do a surprise for me. 

So, he has been asking me such question for over a week. Since November about to end he already asked me to think on what do I want. And I did mentioned to him, I have been fasting for almost a year, restraining myself to not eat Durians since the second month we got married (well, that's because I got pregnant that time). And during my pregnancy, people have been telling me that it is not good to eat durians. Better to avoid them, elderly people said. So, yeah. The only thing I restrained myself was Durians. And during my whole 9 months of pregnancy, husband has been eating durians in front of me hundreds of times I'm telling you 😭😭 


The torture didn't end just there. I need to continue restrain myself from eating my favourite food for another 2 months during my confinement! 2 MONTHS! 2 months more I have to endure. Not exactly 2 months, 100 days 😭😭😭😭😭 It's a 100 days more. What that will makes me? From 9 months + 2 months plus. Isn't that a year already? 😩

And I have been telling my husband about wanting to eat durians since I have finished my 100 days confinement. But, still. I didn't get it. It was never about the money issue. It was because, I have been wanting it before even the season of durian came in! So, again. I have to restrain myself more from remembering on how delicious durians are. 

I mean, come on dude, 
as an asian, as a malaysian, 
I will never say NO to Durians 

Then, there's one time. He asked me. Where is the best spot to have a cendol durian? He googled them and I only knew 1 place that people has been talking about, which is Cendol Bakar Auntie Sue, Bangi.

He drove us there one day and it was full. I'm telling you, it was a sparkling hot day of lunch hour time and the place was pack with people. No place to park and even to sit! So, I told him, that it is fine if we don't get to eat the cendol with durian. I'm fine with it (ofc with a sad face).

The next day, he suddenly drove us back there. This time. No cars was there. Maybe because it was holiday I thought. But, when we was about to order the cendol durian. Now I knew why there's no car...
The durians have finished yesterday!

Ini namanya, bukan rezeki kita.
I whispered to myself. Sabar je lah. Nak buat macam mana. 

So, we ordered the cendol durian blended.

So, I think my baby felt the sadness that I felt that time πŸ˜‚

We only ordered 1 bowl, since there was no durian. 

So, the blended durian is a very typical durian that has been blended. 
It doesn't have that strong taste much. 

Okaylah. Not that bad. Just the staff was a bit rude. 

Well, I thought that that would be it. The mission of me having and finding durians. Suddenly, one day after work. Husband stopped at a fruit stall side road (which was on our way back home), Dengkil-Bangi. 

With a clueless face, I asked him, 
'What are we doing here? '

He went on with, 
'Choose the durians that you want'

And I was like,
Really? FOR REAL?!

Apa lagi kan, bila suami bagi green light untuk pilih apa yang kita nakπŸ™ˆ
I started to search for the very best durian among those durians there with a very focus mind. Hahaha. So that I won't regret later of having it(though I was not the one who will be paying it later). Hahaha. 

I had to choose the rare one haha (which is a mix type of Durian from D24 + Musang King) . So, the time I asked the seller about the price. It does sound so logic and cheap. Cheap for a moment. Husband asked me to take at least 2 big durians. So, his wish is my command. HAHAHA. I took 2 big durians which was weighted almost 4 kg's. The price? It was RM45/kg. Before knowing the weight or even before it was weighted, I said to myself, 

'That sounds cheap though'

Not until when they total them up all together...

'Total is, RM160+' 

The owner said to us at the cashier. 
And I was like, 
'Why does that suddenly sounds expensive and not logic? 😲😲😲

Anyway, we bought them and went home and had them after dinner. 

After finished our dinner, husband was like, 
'Okay. This is your anniversary gift. This is expensive enough to be a gift.'

And I knew it! 
He bought them just for the sake to say that that's my anniversary gift. 
With an unwilling face, I agreed. 

Husband went on with, 
'What? It's a surprise right? You didn't know that I was going to buy them for you right?
 I even let you choose them too. You said you wanted a surprise?' 

That is just the reason why, I afraid to tell my husband that I wanted a surprise. He gave me this. Seriously? A year of not eating durians, and you gave me this as my anniversary present? 

'Okay abang. I'm all bless with these durians. Thank you'
(dengan muka redha + pasrah)

Durian pon durian lah abang. Janji dapat makan. Alhamdulillah πŸ˜–


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