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MUA SUE MELATI Makeup Class offers her own Matte Foundation

Assalamualaikum πŸ™‹
Alhamdulillah, last Sunday I managed to participate in a makeup class by Sue Melati that was held at Sungai Buloh. Though driving from my house to there is not that near, but to think of gaining the knowledge in improving my makeup skills and techniques, I drove all the way there (alone ya anak anak. Thanks to my husband sebab sudi jaga Maysaa Yuka di rumah pada waktu hari cuti πŸ™ˆ 😘 )

Sue Melati or known as kak sue, is the founder to Sue Melati Cosmetics is one of the makeup artist in Malaysia. Among her products that are widely use in the makeup field by makeup artists is Sue Melati Foundation.

Always seen in few TV Programmes such as :

  • Nona
  • Wanita Hari Ini (WHI)
  • Mentor TV3
  • Drop The Beats
  • Clever Girl
  • Anugerah Juara Lagu
  • Muzik Muzik
  • Hero Oven

Yes, its another malaysian product but but but with its own speciality. Her matte foundation is a worth to buy and the price is reasonable to me as with one time squeeze only it can cover your whole face. Regardless what type of face you have ( macam I kan, muka petak. Terlebih cukup tau sekali picit foundation ni)

More products from her that you can try. 
Foundation, Penaik Seri Wajah Oil and Makeup Brushes 

Why Sue Melati Matte Foundation?
  • Sakura 
  • Aloe Vera
  • Anti-Aging
  • Matte & Waterproof
  • Contains Vitamin C & E
  • HALAL JAKIM Certified
  • 1 Tone fits all Asian skin type
  • Suitable for Oily & Normal Skin

You can see my before and after applying Sue Melati Matte Foundation with her Penaik Seri Wajah Oil. Haih. Memang lawa, flawless, tercover satu muka tau. 1 picit je dah cukup. Now you can save more! 1 bottle can last up to 3-4 months. Jimat kan? 

See the color & texture?

Before with Sue Melati Foundation
After with Sue Melati Foundation

From a very tired skin look (left) to a brighter healthier and flawless-ser skin (right) πŸ˜‚

Students in this class are taught privately and personally by Kak Sue Melati face to face.

And best part of all, come with nothing because they have all the tools you will be needed in the class for you!

Wish to have her products for your own? Don't worry. She have them all for you there.

Apart from her matte foundation, her famous Penaik Seri Wajah Oil is selling fast too!

At each class she will be selling her products just for you with special prices!

At the end of the class, each students will be given a certificate that certified you from doing a makeup after this!

You can watch & see how the makeup class here!

Thank you to Sue Melati Makeup Class. 
Now I know how to do makeup that suits the event that I'll be attending especially as a blogger. 

Here's information about Sue Melati Makeup Class :

No. Tel : 018-2090617
FB Page : Sue Melati


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