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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily


Hi AssalamualaikumπŸ™‹
Hari ni YK nak share pengalaman kami dalam membesarkan #babyYK yang kini hampir 8 bulan. First of all, I'm sorry as I will mix both languages of English and Malay. Memang mula mula niat nak tulis in English, tapi kadang macam tak menusuk di kalbu je bila baca sendiri balik in englishπŸ™Š

Okay, basically I know there are out there parents like us that their schedule memang pack and busy gila. If I'm telling you my schedule pon sure tak percaya punya (that's why I recently just lost 2kgs πŸ˜‚)

So, to parents that are working like us and been wondering how to keep your baby stay still kan, we have an answer for you (that we personally suggest). As our Yuka growing, we decided not to put her in that buaian. You know the one that keep on bouncing until your baby fast asleep (orang dulu dulu punya cara).

Rather than that, we put her in a inflattable swimming pool. HAHAHA. 

Kidding πŸ˜‚

So, the traditional buai looks like below.
Gambar : Kredit Google

Then, they improved this into the electrical version like below :

 So, that parents won't be tired untuk buaikan anak dia.

And as time goes by, makin banyak kes baby lemas tidur dalam buai sebab parents leka ingatkan anak tidur dalam buai tapi sebenarnya muka dah tertutup dengan bantal. As for my reason not to have this is, I have seen before people who have kids using this; their babies just wouldn't want to sleep without their buai. Sampaikan ada parents yang travelling have to bring this along with them too! So, no no no.

Then, technology invented this such (refer to image below; credit to Google)

So called rocking chair. 

Memang ada terfikir nak beli ni dulu, but then I said that this wouldn't last long. I mean, baby will keep growing kan. So, this will be such a waste lah to use for a short time (dah lah mahal bende alah ni haha) So, πŸ—™ for this. 

Then we saw how the westerners educate their babies. We saw this then ↓

 Okay, cool right.
But this doesn't really look nice lah kan dekat tengah tengah living area kita haha.

So, we have our own version of playing cum sleeping area for our #babyYK
Tadaaaa! #babyYK own playing/sleeping area in her own playpen.
To us, this is the most worth money spent ever πŸ˜‚

Okay, I heard some people cakap,
'Ada duit bolehlah beli.'
Tak pon lepas tengok ni, dia google harga playpen lepas tu fikir 1000 kali berbaloi ke tak kan beli nanti. 
Well, truthfully speaking. It's up to you guys how to educate your baby. We had our this way. 

As a first time parents, we always always discuss on things that we should and should not invest to for our baby. Invest as in worth to be paid in sense. 

FYI, We didn't straightaway bought this huge playpen. When our baby at her 2months, we wanted to help her crawl and explore more as she able to push her feet every time we lay her down in the picture position. So, after a discussion. We bought a playmats. (Yes, two playmat haha) One, was a rather small one for a travel pack. And another one as below. 

We bought that playmat at Tesco je okay (during SALE lagi)
Which cost us less than Rm30.00
Husband told me, we need to invest wisely haha.

Okaylah. Cukuplah playmat tu. Ada benda gantung-gantung and teether to stimulater her sensory nerve and brain kan. So, I'm cool with that haha. 

After watching her days inside her playpen I realised how this help us a lot.
Because the playmat ada that gantung-gantung thingy. Hence, this help her to push herself to her own limit of growing you know.

Because we want to ensure that all her nerves are working and help her discover this world. 

We bought the playpen when she was at her 3 months. 
The playmat was when she's at 2 months. 

To our surprise, she's growing up so fast (to me) because everyday I can see her progress in front of my eyes. 

We let her practice everyday. 
In all means with different objects (especially those with bright colors)
Sebab dengan colors ni dapat membantu sel-sel otak baby berkembang. 
We had her softbook, teether, and her cute baby wipes for a start πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

She lifted her head that way since we taught her to do so from she was even 2 weeks.
You see how her eyes that time. 
Very high in spirit and penuh ketekunan you know😎

What I really like having this playpen is, I can just shorten my time and energy to keep my house or my baby play area. And if her cousins or anyone with kids come to our house. 
We do just offer them to play inside with our baby. 
Play date time! 
Ini pon penting tau, dapat ajar anak kita kenal orang and jadi peramah.

From crawling, she begun to figure out herself how to sit.

Slowly, she push herself to her limit as she know that she is in her own comfort zone.
This time, she was trying to had her very first sit!
Luckily I managed to capture this!

Suddenly, my small baby is getting bigger at timesπŸ˜‚

If you ever want to put inside your baby like this, 
Please letak educational toys with them so they are learning too and 
not just sucking their thumb or what not. 

We bought her toys randomly but everything must able to help her brain cells 
and stimulate her nerves.
This moment is important. If you miss this moment, you might will regret it in future. 

Little did we know, she didn't take long time to learn how to stand up on her own!
With the help from playpen, she practice her skills everyday!

We witnessed ourself how proud our baby look like as soon as she realised that she able to stand up on her own!
Don't worry about your baby falling down, as that's how they learn.
Usaha tangga kejayaan tau!
(But, of course. Letaklah comforter ke soft carpet ke kan. Tak de lah benjol kepala anak kauπŸ˜‚)

Most people asked, how we put her to bed. 
After breastfeeding her. I will casually. 
Like really casually letak je dia macam ni dalam playpen πŸ˜‚

Anyway, after a month my husband bought this for our living room. We decided to have another set in our bedroom as her sleeping area (picture above was taken in our bedroom). Tak de lah membazir beli small bed and as she grows kena tukar katil lagi πŸ˜‚ Ini kalau agak agak sempit je (meaning she's growing taller. We just need to buy the pagar (panel) one or two more and sambung je. 1 normally will cost Rm40+ . So, jimat lah kan. Haha. 

So, if you come to our house. You will see her play area first. Haha. 
Betul betul depan tv. If she's bored, she'll just watch tv silently.
If not, she'll play all her toys we bought her. 
(We differentiated two areas. The blue comforter is for her to sleep. The soft orange is a very soft carpet for her to play.)

Apa-apa pun, this is based on my point of view as a working mother, a young mother who have a very pack schedule that this playpen is really helpful. Some would prefer walker, some would prefer buai. But, I prefer thisπŸ˜‚

Yang penting jangan abaikan anak sudah lah ya. Kalau boleh jaga anak sendiri, jangan menyusahkan mak bapak, hantar mak bapak jaga anak anak kita. Mak bapak kita bukannya muda macam kita (please sedar diri that you are a mother or father now) Cukuplah mak bapak kita dah besarkan kita dulu. Let all your sweats in growing up your baby be worth it by seeing their progress in front of your eyes. Kan dah membebel haha. Okay tu je. Takut anak dara ni bangun dari tidur pulak. Anything boleh comment ⇩


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