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Toscana Medi Clinic definition to Bye Bye Scars & Vampire Bloody Facials

Assalamualaikum 🙋
Last two weekends I was lucky enough to witness with my own eyes the very first Laser treatment in a session of Live Aesthetic Demo Treatment by Toscana Medi Clinic. 

Yes, Aesthetic clinics are know have grown their names here in Malaysia. But, like me. I'm sure most of us will have that one tiny bit of curiosity feelings mix with that danger-scared imagination of having your face laser-ed right? Who wouldn't right? Laser pointed out at every inch of your face. 

Thanks to Toscana Medi Clinic and with the help from their experienced Doctors, now you may leave your doubts and feelings hanging in front of their clinic. 

Watching Live Aesthetic Demo really opened my eyes on how carefully the procedures and treatments will be done. Bye Bye Scars and Vampire Bloody Facials are the two treatments Toscana highlighted that day. Both treatments use PRP method.

PRP is Platelet Rich Plasma that some people call as Vampire Facial or Dracula Facial. Internationally, this method is already well-known for its safe and are mostly on demand than other aesthetic or beauty surgeries procedure. It is because, with PRP, the doctor will drawn out your blood from your hand and inject it back to your face. This method too is the same with No Surgeries Facelift but it certainly involves blood! 🙈

PRP is a method whereby the doctor uses patients own blood cell stem that is originally in patients blood. 

Dr Kanval Gill briefed us thoroughly before starting the demo to one of our blogger friends attended that day.  Believe it or not, this method is more fast proven as the aesthetic content is higher in blood and able to stimulate hormone growth naturally, he added. Each steps he showed us comes with detailed and friendly explanation. 

Unlike other treatments, Bye Bye Scars is a really natural treatment that you have no 'pantang-larang' to follow. You can even walk freely after the treatment is done as this treatment involved no 'bruises' , redness or even swollen on the face. Laser treatment is followed by PRP after minute it is done. Worry not, as patients will first need to put on numb cream before starting the treatment (Siapa tak takut kena laser and cucuk cucuk kan muka dia? 😂)

For Bye Bye Scars, the Doctor started with laser treatment.

Followed by, the PRP.

Okay, 'nuff with the keterujaan you guys with that Bye-Bye Scars Treatment followed with PRP Method tu. Now, let's proceed with the Vampire Bloody Facials. 

This treatment is solely known as Vampire Bloody Facials as it involved 100% blood that's drawn out from your hand or known as the PRP method as explained before. Unlike Bye-Bye Scars, this treatment doesn't involve any laser. 

Dr Lashela, one of Toscana Medi Clinic doctors explained that this treatment has long used in well developed countries like Japan and Europe. Despite it may sounds too 'rare' in our country.

In early days, this vampire so-called treatment is widely and commonly used in medications. Especially, chronic diseases such as heart surgery, orthopedic and neurologist. However, since this medical scope is getting wider; it is then have been used and practiced among athletes to treat their ligaments tissue and torn tendons. 

Unlike Bye Bye Scars treatment, you may expect minimal swelling and bruising for up to a week after this vampire bloody facials; but worry not as this will subside. Not just that, this treatment too is way much more safer than other anti-aging methods as it is au naturale😎

Yes, I know not all human beings have the 'brave heart' to have their face kena cucuk cucuk with needle like me. Hahaha. But, I bet you ladies must know this;
'Beauty is pain' 

Tak nak pain, pakai numb cream ya😂
This is before the Vampire Bloody Facials. 
Patient is advised to put on numb cream for few minutes.

Before the Vampire Bloody Facials begun.
Dr Lashela explained on the step by steps.
Picture credit to Rosmawati Aboo Hassan.

And don't worry sebab doctors dekat sini memang certified and well trained tau. Tengok sijil dia😎

And not to mention that this medi clinic is quite spacious too!

Consultation Room.

And in case you guys never had sun screen before, 
You can always buy from them tau!
Lepas treatment dah tak perlu risau kena sunburn lagi😍

Anyway, I have set my appointment nak ke Toscana later. Ye lah, nak raya kan, kena cantik cantik🙊 Dengar cerita, they are doing raya promotions too! So, grab their promotion cecepat tau ladies!

Okaylah, done sharing with you guys here. 
Thank you Toscana Medi Clinic. Jumpa nanti 😘

Toscana Medi Clinic, Solaris Publika
Address : Lot 01 & 02 Level G4 Block D5 , Solaris Dutamas, No 1 Jalan Dutamas 1 
(34.09 km)50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone :
03-6143 8866
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