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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

I finally did my Breakfast Challenge!

Hi Assalamualaikum again๐Ÿ‘‹
I know this blog in a very awful state right now as I didn't have much time to update it very much (often) Thus, A VERY DEEP APOLOGY on my behalf. 
Last October, I managed to challenge myself by participating my very first ever foodie-challenge ๐Ÿ˜‚
Am gonna have to admit how hard and much effort I have put in (as you know you need to wake up way early before your baby does, and prepare those meal before you ended up on the couch/bed again with your baby)๐Ÿ™Š
I must say that I finally did it people! Yeahhh! For 5 days in a row and also other days that I try to fit in with the theme (which I hope they match the theme prepared though haha ๐Ÿคž)
The contest this time around, Dutch Lady Malaysia prepared 3 themes. And the T&C is really simple. As long as you have one of Dutch Lady products to pair with your breakfast, and you are good to go!
Quick Grabs : 8th Oct – 19th Oct
Easy Feast : 20th Oct – 28th Oct
Fave Brekkie : 29th Oct – 11th Nov

As easy as having your goodness milk for your breakfast challenge, next all contestants only have to share their unique breakfast on their social media platform/s with their official hashtags of #dutchladymy #strongstart

[Quick Grabs of Day 1 #dutchladybreakfastchallenge
✔️Overnight Banana Cake Oat Dutch Lady Malaysia
✔️Air Fried Chicken Creme Crepe Pocket on the go

Overnight ๐ŸŒCake Oat Dutch Lady Malaysia

Just don't judge this by its look okay. It tasted better than it look okay haha.

These are the only ingredients I used for the overnight oat. 
You may substitute or add any other fruits as you wish too๐Ÿ˜„
For this, I used ;
- 5 spoonful of Instant Oat
- 4 spoonful of Almond Pecan Honey Granola
- Cinnamon powder (as you wish)
- Bananas (2, thinly cut into slices)
- Dark Chocolate Powder (sprinkle on last)
- Honey (about 3-4 spoonful)

Because I'm a mother to a 1 year old baby (who eats as much as I do) , I prepared another quick grabs just so that I don't starve my morning haha.

I paired my overnight oat with 
Air Fried Chicken Creme Crepe Pocket on-the-go

I made this in regards to my husband's busy working mornings. I thought a pocket food is always a good thing but it surely is if only you put the right good things in it together!

Below are the ingredients for the pocket-go ;

And yes, as you could see. Both my quick grabs are packed in goodness because 
I used Dutch Lady Pure Farm Full Cream Milk as the main !
To make a very fluffy thinly crisp crepe as above, I used ;
- 1 cup of Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk
- 4 regular eggs
- Salt to taste
- Brown sugar (as you wish)
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Flour
- 1/2 glass cold water 

This is a surely a quick grab as all you have to do next is just mix all of these ingredients together in a bowl. Put the cold water at the very last to add a little crispy to its edges. 

For fillings :
I threw in cutlets of chicken into a bowl mix with 1 cup of Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk, an Egg and flour. I deep friend them half way, and air fried them in another half way for about 7-8 minutes at 180c. Just to make it more crispy and a lil bit more healthy (kononnya๐Ÿ™ˆ)

For the wrapping part, I matched them with some butterhead salads, cherry tomatoes, and sesame seed sauce. Wrap them up like a pocket, and you are good to go!

[Quick Grabs of Day 2 #dutchladybreakfastchallenge
✔️Chocolate Dragon Chia Dutch Lady Malaysia Pudding
✔️Meaty Muffin Creme Egg

For the next day of quick grabs, I made a pudding and paired it with some delish fluffy egg muffin.

Chocolate Dragon Chia Pudding main is surely the Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk๐Ÿ˜
Other simple ingredients are ; 
Dark Chocolate Powder, Chia Seeds and Dragonfruits (you may substitute with you faves fruits)

This is a very simple morning drink that you can do less than 5 mins before you off to bed. 
Pour in your full cream milk and chia seed along with the chocolate powder. Mix them all well in a glass. Don't put too much of milk in there as you want it to be in a pudding texture. Put more chia seeds then milk, and topped them with cutted dragonfruits as the topping before you leave them in your fridge overnight. 

Next morning, you will have a creamy pudding texture for your breakfast๐Ÿ˜

For the side, I had some egg muffin to match with. Again, don't worry as this is a simple recipe for a quick grabs, so the ingredients are simple too!

In a bowl, mix ;
- 1/2 cup of Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk
- 2 regular eggs
- Thinly cutted potatoes

After mixed them up, sprayed your muffin tray with oil or butter, pour batter in to your muffin tray, and topped them with some cutted beef, half cutted cherry tomato and chopped parsley before they goes into the oven. 

Topping :
- Cutted beef
- Chopped parsley
- Cutted cherry tomatoes

I let them in to the oven for 10 minutes or so at 160c. After finished, sprinkled some black pepper on top and serve them for your breakfast๐Ÿ˜˜

Managed to drag my feet to finish my breakfast challenge for the third day today with a very simple quick grabs. Spicy food and me are inseparable. But not my husband. So, that morning I decided to make a spicy quick grab more eatable for him๐Ÿ™Š

[Quick Grabs of Day 3 #dutchladybreakfastchallenge
✔️Dutch Lady Malaysia Pure Farm Full Cream Milk
✔️Crunchy Air Fried Creme Tuna Roll

This could be one of the simplest breakfast that even you can do with your kids (when they've grown up ofc)

Ingredients :
- Dutch Lady Pure Farm Full Cream Milk
- Bread
- Canned Chilli Tuna in Oil
- Eggs (up to how many pieces you want, 1 egg can rolled up to 4 bread)
- Breadcrumbs / Panko

Steps :
1. Flatten your bread using your roller pin or even spoon. 
2. Fill in your canned tuna (not to much so it won't burst out when you fry them)
3. Mix 1/2 cup of Full Cream Milk with eggs and beaten them lightly. Dip your rolled bread tuna in it. 
4. Rolled them in a plate of breadcrumbs or panko.
5. Fry them in a hot pan. (I used a very less oil pan to fry them until a lil bit brownish for all sides then put them in the air fried for 180c at 5 minutes for a lil bit more crunch and healthier)

Thus, with this spicy quick grabs, I paired it with a glass of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Full Cream Milk๐Ÿ˜‹

Yes, I feel much more healthier these past few days (that morning I said) might be from the goodness from the full cream milk of Dutch Lady I guess๐Ÿ˜† So, for the 4th morning of breakfast challenge. I went with some toast. 

[Quick Grabs of Day 4 #dutchladybreakfastchallenge
✔️Dutch Lady Malaysia Pure Farm Full Cream Milk
✔️Creme Air Fried Grilled Chicken Sub with Lemony Sauce

Another simple quick grabs that any mommy should pin this haha.

Ingredients as below :
- 1/2 cup Dutch Lady Pure Farm Full Cream Milk
- 2 Chicken Breast
- 2 Eggs
- Salt & Pepper (to taste)
- All purpose flour

Steps :
1. Cut open your chicken breast into a heart shape and dip into a bowl mix with eggs, salt, pepper & Full Cream Milk
2. Rolled them in a plate of flour.
3. Fried them in hot pan of oil until brownish a bit. 
4. Air Fried them at 180c for 5-8 minutes. 

Lemony Sauce :
- 1/2 real lemon juice
- Mayonnaise

1. Mix both in a bowl and keep them refrigerated. 

Meanwhile, you can toast your air fried chicken with bread (fold them into two), toast them in the bread toaster maker. For toppings, you may add up your preferred salads. I used lettuce and cherry tomatoes. After done so, drizzle over your refrigerated lemony sauce on top before serve up as your breakfast. 

And you are done!

The final day is here (I woke up screaming in my hear haha) But, unfortunately. I was not feeling very well that morning. Luckily I have made my overnight drink before hand last night. What a relief you know. 

[Easy Feast of Day 5 #dutchladybreakfastchallenge
✔️Mango Tango Chia Seed Honey Sparkle Dutch Lady Malaysia
✔️Chicken Porridge McDonald's

So, that night I already prepared my overnight drink as I have already felt a lil bit unwell. Asked my husband to grab me a porridge at early morning. So, that's the breakfast for that morning which surprisingly makes me full till noon! I guess, thats the power from the full cream milk and oat. 

Ingredients :
- Dutch Lady Pure Farm Full Cream Milk
- 1 spoonful of Chia Seed
- 2 spoonful of Honey
- Mango (cutted into cubes)

Steps :
1.  Mix your milk, chia seeds and honey in a glass. 
2. Topped your overnight drink with mango (or any fruits you fancy of)

And you are good for your breakfast!

So, I completed my 5 days breakfast challenge a lil bit unwell. I was really looking forward to finish it up with a lil bit more delish breakfast. So, I made a decision to add another one day for myself hehe. This is a very extra additional lil effort I have put in to my breakfast challenge okay. Haha

๐Ÿฅ–Honey Omelette Sub
๐Ÿฅ–Creme Mushroom Crabby Sub
๐Ÿฅ›Creme Honey Dutch Lady Malaysia Dragon Chia

Yes, I made two types of sub. One was for us, and another is for our baby girl.

Ingredients :
- 3/4 cutted Baguette
- Honey
- Basil
- 4 eggs
- 3/4 cup of Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk

Steps :
1. In a bowl, mix your eggs with milk. 
2. Keep your hand stirred your eggs for 5 minutes or less ( I personally like my omelette to be a lil bit creamy and not to dry)
3. Cutted your baguette into two, put in your omelette and toast them in the toaster maker. 
4. Drizzled some honey on top and basil halfway through and toast them again until golden. 

Ingredients :
- Leftover baguette cutted into two
- 3/4 cup of Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk
- Fillaments (4 sticks, chopped)
- Brown Mushrooms (3 buttons, finely chopped)
- 1/2 onion (finely chopped)
- all purpose flour
- Salt (to taste)
- Blackpepper (to taste)
- Parmesan Cheese

Steps :
1. In a hot pan with drizzle of oil, pour in your chopped onion and saute it for 10 minutes until its brownish in color. 
2. Add in your mushrooms and seared it for another 5 minutes.
3. Mix them up with your full cream milk and stir them well. 
4. Add up blackpepper and salt to your taste ( I like them more in my dishes so I put them a bit more)
5. Boil them for another 2-3 minutes before adding up 1 or 2 spoon of flour to thicken the sauce. 
6. To make it more creamier, I sprinkled a bit parmesan into them before turning off the pan. 

In an oven tray, lined up your baguette and pour the sauce on top of it. 
Before hand while you was making your sauce earlier, you can heat up your oven at 170-180c at 10 minutes. 
Proceed next with sprinkle the chopped filaments on top and parmesan at the end.

For the last finishing, I sprinkled over some basil on top before it went to the oven. 

TADAAAA! This is a much more satisfying end I would call. To finish my breakfast challenge with a very delish breakfast ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹ This is an #easyfeast that all mummies can try up for their weekend. I paired them with my Creme Honey Dutch Lady Malaysia Dragon Chia. 

Ingredients : 
- 1/2 cup of Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk
- 4 spoonful of instant oat
- 3 spoonful of chia seeds
- 2 spoonful of plain yogurt
- 3 spoonful of Berry Granola
- Cutted Dragonfruit
- 2 spoonful of Honey

This is a way to end my breakfast challenge and I personally am proud of myself to be able to join this time around. 
Hope that I able to join them again in the next time. 


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