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Hi Assalamualaikum🙋
It's been so long that I haven't got my blog updated. Been too busy with my second pregnancy here and am so sorry for keeping this secret from you guys for a while now. But today, am gonna share with you the secret that every mother's to be should know & must have from Mamaway. 

Mamaway is a never need to introduced furthermore in pregnancy and breastfeeding label regardless in our country or abroad. Established in 2003, this brand never fail to impress mommies out there with their collections in maternity, breastfeeding essentials as well as baby's fashion and accessories. 

With over 70 physical retail stores worldwide and online around Australia, China, Taiwan, South East Asia ; we know that this established is a trusted brand that we can guarantee their quality and services of. 

Who said pregnant ladies are not allowed to look stylish yet comfortable at the same time? With Mamaway, you will only need to leave all your worries hang on your wardrobe and let them do the job for you😘

Now, am gonna share with you the
TOP 4 Mamaway Motherhood's MUST HAVE KIT!


Okay, since I'm now pregnant, I didn't get to use all of these kit. BUT! Best is that I can use this during my confinement (which I can't wait okayyy!)

Let's see them closely one by one why these items are your MUST HAVE!

1. Baby Ring Sling. 
Whether it's your first or second pregnancy. THIS IS A VERY USEFUL BABY GEAR YOU MUST HAVE! Why? Because, you will use this in a long term. From your baby's size of your palm hand to toddler, you can still use this baby ring sling. PLUS! This is a very handy that won't even take up spaces in your bag, or even in your car for you to use during travelling times! 

 Bohemian Print Baby Ring Sling Mamaway
(Newborn - 2 Years+)
RRP : RM 250.00
AFTER SALE : RM 149.90

Worry not for its material, I can guarantee you that it's the best (well, since its 2018 AWARD WINNER BEST BABY SLING CARRIER lah kan!)

Worry not if you didn't know or never had any experience on how to wear this thing on, because with every purchase of this; you will receive their manual book that you can refer to!
(Yeay for the first timer 😍)

Yup, a manual book from A-Z about this baby sling for you!

You saw it right!
This baby sling is not only light weight & breathable.

2. Perfect Seamless Nursing Bra.

RRP : RM235.00

This Australia's Award Winning Bra in Australia have soooo many reasons for you to have 
(I'm not kidding you!)

Removable Low Temperature Mould that's ultra stretchy cup that fits range of shapes and sizes, and even perfect for uneven breast!
(this stays in it place so well that even when you remove it you can still see the shape!)

Durable Feeding Clips.
Made for easy breastfeeding and discreet.

Seamless High Stretch Weave that LIFT & GATHER too!

3. Nursing Pajamas/Sleepwear Set

RRP : 250.00
AFTER SALE : RM 169.90

This is one of my favourite. It has so many points that you need to think of okay.
  • COMFY COTTON & THICK (very recommended to bring to travel)
  • LONG & LOOSE DESIGN (very comfortable for pregnant mommies!)
  • NURSING OPENING (just lift up your stop sides to breastfeed your baby)

You can tell that this is so comfy by just looking at this. 
It has long fitted cuff hand design (which is not that fit and still comfy).
Loose and discreet nursing opening for breastfeeding.

See, how easy?
No buttons and hassle free!

The pant is so worth to have because you can still use this during your pregnancy time 
or even after with the adjustable button strap!

4. Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band - Bengkung Corset

Nano Bamboo Postnatal Recovery & Support Belly Band - Bengkung Corset
RRP : RM 330.00
AFTER SALE : RM 285.00

Okay, for this. I am a bit sad as I didn't get the chance to try this on because I am currently on my second pregnancy. But but but! Am very excited to use this during my confinement because of its features! You know how good your bengkung corset or support belly is when you can see and feel the difference from other common brands on the market? This is the good one I am telling you.

Why this is a good one?

  • Made from Nano Bamboo Fabric (helps to improve your blood circulation)
  • Double Compression (for your recovery & support)
  • Seamless Elastic (Stretchy & Breathable)
With the Double Compression, I am confident enough by few times of wearing this during my confinement period, I can get my shape back in no time🙈

I know that we mommies concern much on the certifcation, lab test, quality and the results. With Mamaway, you don't have to worry anymore. It is Australia Certified Healthy Safety Regulation and Lab Tested too!

Too many good things in this one corset I am telling you!

So, while they are doing sale. This is the best and greatest time for you to stock up your kit that you will never regret to have this later on! Better buy in bulk to save more 😘

Do visit to see other maternity, nursing and baby accessories stuffs with great deals too okay! Don't say I don't bojio ah🙊
Okay, thanks me later ah!


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