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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

Beli #BataRayaBergaya dan dapatkan Jam Tangan Percuma + Discount Voucher* !

                                                                Hi Assalamualaikum🙋

Have you gotten your raya shoes and handbag ready yet? Kalau belum, elok sangatlah ke Bata. Yes, Bata. The best Malaysians shoes ever since we were kids kot. The pioneer in shoes making in Malaysia. Remember that old times when we all ready for school yet everything seems incomplete without Bata shoes? Hahaha. 

Now, raya wouldn't be complete without Bata Raya edition too! This year, they come out with more new selections , free gift and voucher too (T&C applies-scroll down)!

Recently I went to one of their outlet at the newly opened Aeon Mall Nilai. The outlet is quite big with various selections to choose from. Rambang mata okay! Lagi rambang mata when I saw ...

Siapa tak suka discount voucher and free gift kan? 🙊 This year with #batarayabergaya you can have artist look like Amyra Rosli and Amar Bahrin raya edition tau. Baru feeling glamour sikit kan raya tahun ni😆 But not to worry, as their raya collection this year is very affordable!

Get this Amyra Rosli look with only Rm 89.99!
Haah! Murah kan? Wait, theres more to see. Not only for women, but men too!

These are so comfy especially for your men to wear it during pagi raya for Solat Raya.
Not just comfortable but comes in a very stylish design too.

You are looking shoes for your children too like me? Don't worry. They have so many cute designs for your sweet ones too!

Children Bata Raya Collection so cute this year!

Okay, so which one at the end that I choose ? After a very hard decision of an hour going through their raya collection, I choose to have their new handbag! Lawa sangat 😍

Since my baju raya this year is a plain motif, so this hand bag fit the most! 
Ya allah so cute kan the size and color combination😍

But, if you guys like to have other designs like plain and textured ones, they have them too!

Their black and red tote bag comes with a pouch as well too!

Okaylah, husband pon nak shopping #BataGayaBergaya juga kan 🙈

Since both of us reached over the limit of shopping here, I get my free Marie Claire watch. Yeay dapat jam raya sekali!

I choose the Light Gold edition. 
You can choose any one you like from the 3 designs they offered. 

Thank you Bata. Beli kasut raya dapat jam raya sekali + dapat voucher sekali. Ehh banyaknya dapat!

Siapa belum beli barang persiapan raya tu boleh browse through their website as below :

or you are welcome to visit their retail store to see it yourself too!

Selamat bershopping raya bersama #BataRayaBergaya #BataMalaysia


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