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Review Safi Expert Solution Intensive Ampoules + Milk Drop Serum

Hi Assalamualaikum🙋
First of all, Alhamdulillah I have safely delivered a baby boy #babyYKjr last 14th March 2019, that remarks him 2 months 2 days old now (will blog about him later if I have time haha). Thank you for all the wishes and dua' throughout my second pregnancy journey. 

But what's important on this entry is a review that I have kept a secret even before my delivery. You know how hard you juggle up with your emotions and hormone during the pregnancy journey kan? So, weeks before I delivered ; I managed to reward myself with this newly soon to be launch set from Safi Expert Solution Intensive Ampoules + Milk Drop Serum that for me works perfectly like a magic! 

Safi Expert Solution Intensive Ampoules and Safi Anti Dehydrated Skin Milk Drop Serum

Safi has always been my local product skincare favourite ever since I was in highschool. Like, who didn't know Safi right? Tak pernah lah dengar lagi setakat ni that Safi gives their consumers negative effects. So, with my good experience before with this brand. I rewarded myself with this new set. 

Okay first impression when I opened each one of these is, how can they come out with a very sleek and exclusive new packaging with a very very very good smell? Like, with the packaging ofc you will fall for it because sexy mate black is now the new color to Safi. 

In this new set Intensive Ampoules, you will get :
  • 2 X Renewal Hydra Complex
  • 1 X Supreme Anti Spots Complex
2 X Safi Renewal Hydra Complex

1 X Safi Supreme Anti Spots Complex
These two works magic as the Anti Hyper Pigmentation that everyone need. With this too Safi come out with a new Anti Dehydrated Skin Milk Drop Serum. It is clinically proven that with these you can get an instant moisture boost 280%! This serum is not sticky at all and absorb very well into the skin once you applied it and leave you with a very soothing and calming milky smell. 

Safi Anti Dehydrated Skin Milk Drop Serum

How To Use
Do not worry if Safi Expert Solution is your first skincare set as they are all easy to remember steps and less complicated as at the back of the box you will find the instructions on how to use them. 

Instructions at the back of the box
For the Intensive Ampoules, each one of the bottles are numbered with 1 & 2. By that, use the labelled number 1 first which is the Renewal Hydra Complex after you cleanse through your face. Each one of these bottles lasted for 2 weeks long, thus continue the third and forth week with the second bottle provided. 

All you have to do, is to drop 2 or 3 drops onto your palm and dab it onto your face. Please take note that ampoules are not like other cream that you need to apply in a big amount. One drop of ampoules is pack with a higher concentrations of active ingredients that helps to boost your skin hydration than other cream and serum.  For best result, apply it twice a day on your morning and night. 

Next step, take few drops of Supreme Anti Spots Complex that labelled with number 2, drop it onto your palm and apply it with an upward strokes to your face. Do not worry if you feel a bit tense right after applying these two as that shows these two are doing their work to your skin. 

Last step is the Anti Dehydrated Skin Milk Drop Serum. Like other cream, simply take a needed amount to apply to your face. Apply it thoroughly on your face and cleaned neck. It is best also to apply it in a circular motion until it finely absorb to your skin. 

This serum helps to filter out UV ray and to prevent any fine lines wrinkles that you can get from the UV ray and from the pollution. 

*P/s : Do not worry as these new Safi Expert Solution Intensive Ampoules and Safi Anti Dehydrated Skin Milk Drop Serum are FREE Mineral Oil, Alcohol and Animals tested.

Get this set from your nearest health store soon!


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