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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily

Bintik Merah & Kulit Kering pada bayi. Cuba Bebelove!

Hi Assalamualaikum🙋
Alhamdulillah #babyYKjr dah genap 4 bulan , 14 July 2019 haritu. Towards nearing his 4th month old. Dia tiba-tiba ada bintik-bintik merah dan kulit kering pada badan dia. Specifically at his tummy area. We have tried few products on market, but nothing works. The red spots and skin dryness are not getting worse, but it was there. 

Yuki pon tak ada tunjuk ragam seorang bayi yang dalam kesakitan, but as a parent. Of course we are worry about out baby's condition kan? I am a bit particular when it comes to baby lotion. Memang banyak claim theirs are the best, but some just doesn't coop well with some babies right? Even after getting an advised from doctor. Doctor kata nothing serious and just sapu any lotion. No lotion can be any lotion to babies okay. 

Alhamdulillah after few weeks later, I met this one product fully imported from Korea and the products can never stop amazes me. From the cute packaging, ingredients and results after using them! 

At first I was hesitated to put it on Yuki. Ye lah, if he's getting worse how? So, I tried with the lotion first with توكلت علي الله (leaving everything to Allah hand) . The product comes in 3. But you can get them separately of course. 

From left you can see Yuki's skin condition before using the products. The rest other 3 pictures are the progress after using the products everyday for at least 3 times a day. You can see how vast the changes kan? I am impressed and I hope you guys too.

Thank you to this new products that comes in body lotion, body wash and baby powder. 

For the baby lotion, I used them 5 times a day. Since Malaysia is quite hot these days and humid kan. So, on the evening too kena pakaikan anak lotion so that his skin lock the moisture from the lotion and heal them from inside gitu. 

Indeed this products are worry free. Normally if you buy certain baby brands that claim that they are plant based but yet bau semerbak chemical. You know they don't walk the talk. But, this lotion. They are very concentrated, soft in texture, absorb finely to your baby's skin and have a very subtle of lemon smell. 

The baby lotion texture with only one squeeze it can cover as big as my palm area.

You can see how the body lotion is really concentrated and 
with one squeeze can cover much area needed.

This one is the body wash. Okay, the designs are all very pocket friendly and handy. They comes in tube. The body wash is pH neutral and sulfate free apart from its also made from 7 kinds of young sprout extracts like the body lotion. Among the 7 young sprout extracts is from Ginko Biloba. This one have a very very minimal bubbles when you wash your kids with. And it comes with a very subtle fresh lemon smell jugak like the lotion. 

The body wash is transparent in color and I believe its due to their worry free ingredients. No artifical or extract colors are added in the body was which that satisfy me enough as a worry mom haha.

With only one squeeze, I washed and gently rub them with water. 
You can see how minimal the bubbles are kan! So worry free!

Ok the best part of all these products are their baby powder. Why? Sebab the baby powder is made from corn starch powder tau! Very very very talc free and worry free ingredients. The texture is very light to compare with other baby powders on market. 

This is the baby powder texture as you can see in the picture.
 It is very light and easily spread with only minimal usage tau!

Okay, if ada yang nak try any of these products. 
You all can get these products from below links okay😉

 Untuk anak ni kan, sometimes we need to try and error and give some faith jugak. For their goodness especially when it comes to their health. Siapa tak sayang anak kan? So, I'm sharing this with you in hope to those tengah cari solution untuk masalah kulit anak boleh cuba produk ni. 

Selamat mencuba!


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