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Your HALAL Authentic Korean Date Spot in Malaysia | Eid Restaurant

Hi Assalamualaikum 🙋
On this post, I would like to share with you my very own personal favourite authentic Halal Korean date spot ever since!

Eid Restaurant is Malaysia's first ever Korean Muslim owned restaurant. Their first restaurant is located at Seoul, South Korea that is run by the owner mother. Malaysia's is lucky enough that they soon opened up their first ever branch in Bangi, Malaysia in 2016. To this date, Eid have successfully owned 3 restaurants that you can find in Bangi, Seremban and their newly opened at Damansara.

This restaurant has a very special meaning to me as to me they witness my relationship journey from engaged to now with children of two haha.

Honey Dakganjung (Honey Boneless Chicken)

I have always love their authentic Korean dish. It's very Korean as I once before saw the owner mother came down all they way from Korea to made some fresh Kimchi for the restaurant! Best of all, their menus are all pocket saving and comes with a very big portion (we usually order 1 menu with additional 1 bowl of rice)!

Halal Korean food, big portion, money saving and a very cosy date spot. What else you wish for?

Every set of menu comes with the main dish, a bowl of rice, seaweed soup, salad and refillable banchan (side dish) starting from Rm20+. You can never get enough with their Kimchi once you started to dig in the dishes!

Talking about Korean food, other than their signature Honey Dakganjung and Yangnyeom (Korean Boneless Sweet & Spicy Fried Chicken) , you must not to forget to complete your meal with their ultimate Cheesy Corndog.


The Cheesy Corndog is super big and super Cheesy and super cheap! With only Rm9.90 you will never have the ending of melted mozzarella cheese you been dreaming off. This corndog I personally shared with my daughter Yuka as she loves cheese too (well who doesn't right?)

How far can you stretch with their cheese corn dog?

Best paired with their Topokki. A very soft and chewy rice cakes and fish cakes cooked with their own secret sauce.

To end your Korean food journey here, don't forget to quench your thirts with their new specially crafted sparkling refreshing drinks. Go around to Busan, Jeju, Nami Island or Seoul with their selection of drinks.

Busan Ocean is totally me. A very calming blue ocean sparkling lemonade drink topped with fluffy marshmallow and lemon slices is my favourite to pair with my Yangnyeom.

Refreshing Drinks
Busan Ocean

However, if you are into fruity flavoured sparkling drink don't forget to try out Nami Gold.  A very unique sparkling drink I ever had. A subtle sweet Passionfruit taste mixed in lemonade can never go wrong to cool down your thirst after a hot sunny day.

Nami Gold

Okay, I have to admit that I don't really like to have sparkling drinks before. But, I somehow like their sparkling drinks till I ordered 3 of them haha. Their sparkling drink is unlike others. It is less gas-sy and bubbles but you can still get that sparkling feeling when you drink them.

Seoul Violet

Seoul Violet is for the one that like sweet and sour both in your drinks. With the combination from sparkling blackberry drinks, you'll get a bit of sour from their lemon and lime slices at the end of your sip.

Don't forget to visit them at the one that nearest to you soon ya!
Don't say I bo-jio~

Facebook :
Instagram :

Branches :
BANGI 8-19-01 , Jalan Medan Pusat Bandar,7A Bangi Sentral
- Business hour: Everyday, 11-00am -11.30pm

SEREMBAN 3-Level 1 , Seremban Gateway
- Business hour: Everyday, 11-00am -11.30pm

DAMANSARA 17, Jalan PJU 8/5d, Damansara Perdana, 47820 PJ, Selangor
– Business hour: Everyday, 11.00am – 10.30pm

SEOUL 756-10, Hannam Dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, South Korea
- Business hour: Except Monday, 11am-9pm


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  1. Masa pergi Korea 2 tahun lepas, ingatkan tak boleh masuk makanan Korea...rupanya boleh. Memang kena dengan tekak dan sedap. Cheese Corndog tu sedap. Saya pun suka.

  2. Yeah! I love dining at Eid. The food are all delicious. I even visit their branch at Itaewon the last time I visited Seoul.

  3. I am happy there's a HALAL authentic Korean Restaurant. I am happy that my muslim friends can also try yummy korean food too!

  4. anak-anak sukakan menu korea, nampaknya dah banyak restaurant yang menyajikan menu korea ni. yang penting halal dan makan tanpa ragu ragu

  5. Allahu sedap nyer tgk tang tarik cheese corndog tu :) ha ha ha ha...
    aida tak pernah lepak masuk makan2 di restoran korea.
    kat melaka ni kurang yg menarik perhatian aida. nak ke KL, ntah kan bila.
    sgt menarik la makanan korea yg dihidangkan tu :)

  6. alamak yang rasa nak datang singgah and cuba sendiri...suka makanan kat sini sebba ada pelbagai jenis makanan famous korea

  7. I went to have lunch at Eid before it have the corndog in its menu. Now I wanna go there again just to try the cheesy corndog

  8. Tengok Toppoki tu memang rasa macam nak cuba jer hehehe tengok cheese yang panjang mejela tu sedap nya nak pergi juga lah wakakakakaka..

  9. Amboii... Panjang nya tarik cheese corn dog tu. Teruja kita pun nak bawak anak² lepak santai makan² kat sini

  10. sedapnya makanan2 korea ni. selalu tengok dalam tv je. bolehlah try lepas ni :)

  11. Wow...nampak macam super best! Harga pun boleh tahan dengan set yang ditawarkan. Nak bawak anak-anak jugakla. Sure dyorang teruja ...

  12. Sukanya makan makanan korea, yang ni halal lagi! So memang kena serbu la nampka gayanya

  13. terliuq tengok. makanan korea ni nampak fresh. happy dining