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KHALIDAH ABDUL HADI||Welcoming our little #babyYK|#YKFamily


Hi Assalamualaikum🙋
Raya mood is starting to lit in less than 10 days but everyone is still unsure on how to prepare for their raya this year with this pandemic situation. Now with Zalora, you can shop your raya outfits or even your essentials from home!

Yes, you read it right. No more only about fashion, Zalora has expand its range to our daily essential needs, households, babies and toys or even electronics.

No more long queue to get your essential needs. Be it your needs, your baby needs or even to give yourself a brand-new gadget. Everything is at your fingertips.

Varies health supplies you can browse through and stock up your emergency kit.

Worry-not if you can’t leave the house to get your baby needs!

How about pampering yourself with a new gadget?

Running out of your households? Get them delivered to your doorstep
without leaving the house no more.

Save more when you shop more with a hassle and worry free as Zalora delivery service is a top notch and trusted ever since.

Sign up now and get RM3 reward credited to your account HERE . Get Up to 2% cashback for every items you purchase when you shop Zalora with Octaplus.

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I have always love to shop with Zalora for so many reasons and now just another reason to not miss to shop with them again! With their online exclusive sale happening from time to time, sometimes I just couldn’t resist them! Where else can you get authentic international brands, fresh local designer’s outfit, or even exclusive online designer’s outfit deal with a good bargain safely delivered to your doorstep without any worry other than Zalora right?

Great news for you guys today! 
Octaplus have just started their Raya Special Deal this month. 

Not to mention that from 
15th May 2020 (Friday) – 26th May 2020 (Tuesday) 

Yes, yes, yes! 
Meaning there are more reasons to look forward shopping online 
with them this month, I know!

Anyway, am sharing my latest online shopping with Zalora ; I purchased a briefcase for my husband at a very good price I must say (below is the proof haha). With the discounts they gave and now I can get cashback too with Octaplus. What more can be good then do shopping right?

Experience it yourself to save more and earn more 
when you shop Zalora with Octaplus.

No more doubt and no more hard times comparing from one website to another because I could compare them all in Zalora App. Now with Octaplus, I can shop and earn more and so do you!
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